Saturday, March 28, 2009

My busy Saturday..

Oh gosh. I will not have my weekend. Wake up as early as 6.45am.. Reach Sunway Pyramid at 8.00am.. I am so sleepy, tido lambat coz tengok DVD Twilight for 3rd time. Hehe.. En. An (my hubby) have bowling tournament. And I, who was bored then, pegi la MPH.. I got this books. Berjaye mengepow menghabiskan duit my dearie hubby.

So basically I'm busy.. Busy busy busy!

Anyway, I have to stop for 1 hour as to honour Earth Hour.. 8.30pm to 9.30pm.

*have to switch off light ma.. otherwise I might continue reading..*

And it's now 10.06pm, and good news is I already finished New Moon.. hehe

1 comment:

MommyDania said...

erma: pinjam la buku twilight tu. aku nak tau apa yg best sgt!