Friday, October 31, 2008

Which T is next?

I’ve been working for 3 different companies throughout my career. And coincidentally all begin with T letter. The first T, Tamura Electronics (M) Sdn Bhd, located at Sungei Way Free Trade Zone, Petaling Jaya. My first job was Sales Coordinator. Japanese environment, Japanese culture, I love it! Even though I can’t runaway from office politic, everything seems controllable and manageable. Maybe because big boss is Japanese kot.. hehe. "Kalo lawan, potong kapara!" I managed only 26 months (equivalent to 2 years, 2 months) there. Huu.. Sempat la dating with 1 Japs from Tamura Japan, HQ. Wahahaha. Those days…
2nd T goes to.... TMNet.. Call centre.. uhhh cannot tahan!! I can’t go anywhere, my arse being glued! Shift some more.. Benci.. So.. only 1 month. Wahahaha. Worst..
My current employer is TIME.. So far, I’ve been attached here nearly 27 months. Congratulation to myself eh. Well, here.. hmm.. so many thing to complaint and comment, but I shall wait till I leave this company la, I guess.
So.. which T is my next employer? TA Securities? Titan Four? Tradewinds? Talam? Tan Chong Motors? Tenaga Nasional Berhad?

Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Who is TK? Takeshi Kaneshiro.. hehehe.. (mampus kalo An tau.. )

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Curik idea dari Fatin. :p

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Diwali Holiday

Yeah, PH (Public Holiday) is around the corner again.. Yayy!! Huu.. Syiok tol! The only thing is, I will have my mother in laws in town. Still yay, but in slower tone. Hehe. Anyway not too say much about my MIL, she's the best MIL! We move around, from Sg Ramal to Seri Kembangan, then to Subang Jaya, Kelana Jaya, Shah Alam. Pegi umah sedare mara.. [selamat tak yah masak!] har har har.. She must be thinking "ape la menantu die ni tak masak².." wakakaka.. Too bad la. I havent got the "revelation" to start cooking.. [yah yah yah.. I know it's going to be my 15 months of marriage.. gimme some moreee time! :p ]
Neway, that's how I lose 3 private days with hubby.. Hmm.. Nak pegi cuti² lah. Tukar angin, as my cousin said. That's for now. Later!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Bila jalan jammed..

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Cycle & Carriage. Hehe

Our life is full of cycle.. Start from being a baby, we grow up become toddler.. Then teenager, adult, old.. Well, it also can begin when you are single, and then double, then get married. Of course then people expect you to get pregnant, have baby.. (or babies?). So, where am I now? Im at stage happily married, and yet have baby. After 14 months being wifey,the pressure is almost unbearable to answer 'no.. belum pregnant lagi'. Some people is easily understand the situation and shut their mouth. While others will keep on digging 'ade penyakit ker?' or worst 'sape yg mandul nie?'. Memang rase nak terajang jer. Ya Allah, Kau kuatkan iman hambaMu ini.. I need the du'a, suggestions.. not critics, nor condemn. Gosh! It's not I or we dont want any kids, mane ader. One of the reason we get married is to get zuriat, our own offspring. Well enough said, please dun ask killer question anymore. Insya Allah, ade rezeki Allah bagi nanti.. Amin.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008


...Temanku, kekasihku, syurgaku..
Last night finally I got a chance to watch Sepi, DVD. Huu.. Yeah, I know I'm a bit too far left behind, but dun care! So.. I think I almost cry la jugak.. Sedih.. I hope I'll never felt the same as Vanidah Imran's character [mane bole suke suke nak kat orang lain walhal you are about to marry your fiance!] I mean everything pun can be unsecure aite.. Hati.. Senang jer berubah.. Gosh. Gotta go.. Jammed already. Pen off for now..

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Eidul Fitri 1429H

Hola. This is the first time I celebrate raya with my in-laws. Well, sedih pun ade jugak.. Coz dah biase raye ngan own family kan. Lagi pulak cam ngeri jer dengar kene prepare itu ini coz family besar sume nak bertandang on 2nd day raya. Asek asek dengar lagu Siti Nurhaliza.. Sayu! Well enough being emo. Hehe.

So cut story short, we going back to Gemas Baru on Monday. Then help my MIL potong itu ini. Hmm basically im just a helper, not main chef.. On last day fasting, masak sakan. Rase takde keluar dapur pun that day... Hooo!! Rendang daging, ayam masak merah, nasi impit, uish.. memacam! Then first day raya tu, i wear my kebaya pink blue. Abang la nak sangat kaler biru tu. Kalo ikut aku, every year is green. Ngee..After amik gambar, we all gerak to Segamat. Beraye belah ayah, my FIL. While they recite Yasin at kubur, im waiting in the car. Here is the result.. Ngeee!

On 2nday pulak.. org lain 2nd day pepagi pakai baju cantik, gua pakai tshirt and seluar track, masak lagi!! Giler la.. My FIL, MIL, SIL, my hubby and I emank bole jadi caterer! So exhausted lar.. This time raye I havent got a chance to bergambar sakan, not like previous year.. Mane tak nye, sebok jer. Sob sob.. Sedih. Takde gambar I pakai another kebaye yang gorgeous tu.. Waaa.. 3rd raya, after send my MIL to Muar, we drive another 6 hours to my hometown. Abangku seronok tido siap berdengkur lagi. Chait! Dah la bini die ni silau kalo drive memalam, sabo je la.. Neway, that's my experience raya.. Penat.. A week start keje, i pegi massage. Baru la rase elok sket badan nie.. Huu.. Our pic, ni je la yg sempat amik.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Long hiatus!

Argh.. Dem it.. It's been a whileeee i haven't write anything here. Well, time passed so quickly la. Now already towards end of year. Many things happened, happy, sad, sorrow, joy, pelik², hehe.. I shall write again, i promise.. :)