Wednesday, April 29, 2009

On.. hiatus

Well, some people maybe already knew the news, some people might not.. I’m not going to announce here.

Currently I'm not really in the mood of blogging. My new hobby is.. lie down, relax, tido.. baring, tido.. do nothing, watch TV.. huu..

This is all because of hormones. Or at least, that’s what my boss keeps on saying.

Hoh. Darn.

When women start to have extra hormones, people said everything women do ~ it’s all because of that hormones. Hangin betol haku.

No laa. It’s not because of my hormones. Nothing to do with that!!

When I asked my boss some questions, you know what his respond is?

“That’s the weirdest question I’ve ever heard…”

Pastu dia sambung lagi
‘I think this is all because of hormones”.

Arghh!! Menyampah..

Tido lagi best!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

In the mood of..

Sorry peeps! Been busy with work, life, and balancing both of them apparently. Hehe..
Now I'm the mood of listening *back* to my Japanese songs collection.
Love these..

Ayumi Hamasaki - Dearest acoustic piano version.
Kiroro - Final fantacy
Kiroro - Best Friend
Utada Hikaru - Mirae i
Luna Sea - I for You
X-Japan - title unknown
Matsu Takako - Sakura No Ame Itsuka
My Litle Lover- Destiny (With Love)
bla bla bla

Now also desperately looking for my CD OST Stairways to Heaven (Korean drama).
Zam!! Ko ade pinjam ke hah??

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Balik kampung.. oh oh ohhhhh..

While writing this, I'm actually at my PIL (parents in laws) house at Segamat.. Gemas Baru to be exact.. Huhuu.. My hubby dok berborak ngan mak, I'm busy-ing myself with Twilight update, New Moon movie gossip, and at the same also updating my MES (Market Engagement System - office work). Hehe.. Ni la namenye menantu hantu!! hahaha

Yibba yibba andre andre!!

Ana suka balik kampung pasal mak mertua ana masak sangat la sedaaapppp!! Confirm naik sekilo pasnie.. hehehe.
Uik? Fatin.. ko pun balik Muar eh? Minggu beramah mesra ngan mertua rupenye eh.. ahaks.

Friday, April 17, 2009


Part 2. Rupenye ade sambungan, huhu! I also dunno ma..

5) One of my friend received 'surat cinta'.. You know what I mean? No I guess.
Surat cinta ke mahkamah. Why? PTPTN.

Arghh!! Fatin: Ko dah start bayar lom? Aku dah jadi ngeri nie..

Tu la, padan muke.. Bukan tak layak apply scholarship, tapi malas punye pasal. Padan muke aku sekarang... huuu..

Owh PTPTN....

Thursday, April 16, 2009


You know how it feel when you have to spend a lot in one time:

1) Make up - foundation Bobbi Brown, compact power Chanel..

2) Car service, tukar tayar, balancing, alignment, absorber? spring? bla bla bla..

3) Upah jahit baju.. near RM800..

Please ignore my bedsheet or whatsoever.. hehe

4) Other expenses..

Worst thing is.. Gaji masuk lambat starting this month. Instead of 26th change to 30th. Haih. Commission scheme will be changed as well. Siot.
It's time.. Time to update resume!

Abang, ape lagi? Sponsor la sume2 nieh! :p

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

I'm currently away and busy

Hello everyone. Good morning..

I'm currently away and busy due to..

Twilight: Director's Notebook.

The Story of How We Made The Movie based on the novel by Stephenie Meyer

by Catherine Hardwicke

This book is small! I compare with my 15" laptop..

I thought it was A4 size or something.. hehe

Please ignore my tembam fingers. hehe.

MPH cashier check the content of this book, and she said..

"Ini je ke dalam buku nie? Ramai tau kak yang beli buku ni.."

Me: Smirk and just pay.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

My weekend review

Owh, penatnye weekend saya bebaru nie.. Penat memasak? Owh.. Jauh sekali.. Since my mom ade, she helped me cook. Or actually I helped her cook. Hahaha. Since my future sis in law pun ade, ape lagi.. Gua yang kaki buli ni suh die wat nasik goreng. Ok la, better than mine. But definitely cannot beat my hubby’s. hehe.

We went to Semua House, Jalan TAR on Saturday. It’s been a while... I hate it when my brother cannot decide what his color theme is. If I’ve been the one who can decide, surely I’ll choose green. But I can’t, since my future sis in law pick green as her theme. Huh. so.. I’d choose brown. Lantak kau la labu.. Now I’m in the middle of making his hantaran, pening! Dah lame mak tinggal keje2 wat barang hantaran nie.. hehe..

Since ABPBH on air last Sunday, no Merlin. Benci! I’m not a big fan of Malaysian artists. So please don’t ask me who won the best dress, too sexy, sape yang pakai ala-ala berkemban, bla bla bla. I don’t care and don’t want to know. Period.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Minasan, ape uols buat every Friday?

Usually on Friday, what you all will be doing?
I reach office a bit early today. Owh, apparently Chinese celebrating Full Moon today, while Christian celebrate Good Friday. Padan la kurang jammed.. huu..

K-20, Takeshi Kaneshiro new movie has released yesterday. Since my families are coming to town this weekend, I have to wait patiently until next weekend la eh. Sabar separuh dari iman.. huuuu..

So Friday ya.. Since my mom is coming.. The first basic thing I’ve done this morning was……


Upacara memotong kuku!! !!
Yeah. Hahaha. My nails always on the ‘long’ side, rather short one. Why? Sebab akakkkk suke bela kuku. One of the reasons why I dun like cooking kot? Hehe..

Tapi pape pun, my mom said she will cook at my house. I love u mommy!! So I just prepare potong my kuku la, just in case. hehehe :p

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Minasan, ape uols buat every Wednesday?

Minasan *ladies and gentlemen*.. Ape bende u all buat every Wednesday? Beside that watching movie..

I usually do this..

Downloading Bleach in progress..

Amende Bleach tu? Japanese anime laaa..

Watch Bleach, talk Bleach. huhu

Monday, April 6, 2009

Gambar dalam komputer saye..

Owh.. I didn't realize I haven't responded to Fatin about this tag thing..

Old tagging.. Sorry bebeh. Mak malas rupenye..

Terms & Conditions:

*Go to your photos folder in your computer.
*Go to the 6th folder of photos.
*Go to the 6th picture in that folder.
*Put the picture on your blog and description of it.
*Invite six friends to join the challenge.
*Link them in your blog and let them know they have been challenged

Still want a description ker? Ok.. Harus la..

This pic was taken longggg time ago. Back in 2006. Mase zaman bercinta dulu, rajin gak gi Genting.. Dah kawen nie? Ampeh takdo.

Pastu, zaman2 tu kitorang berdua still kuruihhhh siot! Sekarang.. cam tak cukup 1 chin, kene ade double chin. Muahahaha *tapi mak dah start diet ma..*

Agak-agak leh jadi model tak kitorang? Huwargh huwargh..

Last but not least.. mak takde mood nak tag orang nie..

sukati engkorang la kalo rajin nak buat eh!

Do I dazzle you?

Those who read Twilight series will surely know what I’m babbling about nieh.. funny eh how you actually can dazzle people. Through your crooked smile, *hint: something about Edward Cullen* your smell, the way you behave, etc etc.

And oh my my my…..

How I dazzle my potential boyfriend-now my hubby- then?

Erks. Have to ask him. :p

Look at me.. So yummy slim then! Tun, of course la. No different. huu.

Muke penat lompat2 nie..

I remember that day.. 28.05.2005.. It was Dewa concert at KL Tower. I’m going with my BFF, Tun Anis Zaireen, and I was wearing my favorite red hat. Hehe.. I just simply ignoring him, not that I didn’t notice him or what, but it’s just my habit. I kinda ignore people I didn’t know; that’s why my first impression on people always ‘minah sombong’ or kinda like that. I was someone else’ girlfriend back then. Huuu..

I think I dazzled him by ignoring him; just making he wants to know me better. Or perhaps his self esteem was burned by me ignoring him? Yeah, he always think he is handsome, good looking man, so being ignored by certain girl make him irritated kot? Well, of course he’s my handsome, lovely hubby now! Har har har.. Anyone dares to argue with me about this, siap!!

Carik la mane mamat yang try ngorat saye for 1 and half year.. muehehehe..

So.. My next point is..

How to dazzle my mom, my sister, my brothers (2 out of 3) and my brother in law? What the heck I’m talking bout nie? Basically they all will be coming to my house this weekend. Owh, almost forgotten my big bro will bring along his girlfriend to meet my mom, officially. So.. there is 6 of them. I barely feed my hubby, now have to feed total 8 of us! Wargh!

Ok now. Not panicking. I’m not panic......

Hell yeah!! I AM panic!

My BFF, Fatin, Esah, Munira, Tun, Hajar, Jie: know me very well of my.. certain.... skill of NOT cooking. Hehehe.
Jie: thanks for the cooking book you gave for my wedding gift.. I haven’t started it, yet! *tho almost 2 years kawen*.

If you read my hubby blog, he did mention he’s the one that cook *and no point of me being ashamed or whatsoever, because I’m just simply dun cook. I didn’t know how to cook, or rather be interested in cooking. Period*

When my MIL *mother in law* in town, she cooked for us. Best kan? Hehehe. But not my mom.. *sigh*

What on earth I will cook then??

My hubby will be my savior. He will cook, I will help him. So nice kan?
I just make my muka kesian.. and he agreed. I lapppp uuuuu bery much!

*that's how I dazzle him nowadays kot..* muahahahaha

Thee heee heee..

Friday, April 3, 2009

My Twilight scene..

Flash back.

1996 - During your secondary school, what’s your favorite band? Local band. During my teenage time *I was 16 years young, then*, I loveeeee SLAM. Huhu. Looking back then, Zam *my one year junior* and me memang gile abis kat SLAM. I like the band, songs, while Zam of course like Zamani. Mentang-mentang kononnye name same. I still remember when she got her first salary, she buy this gold necklace with “Zamani” in her pendant. Memang giler!

2009 – Now, I am 29 years young *still young you see* and still listening to SLAM. Unbelievable eh? While driving back home *from office*, it was raining, and what’s more jiwang than hearing all their best songs? Tangkap syahdu beb! Jalan Kuching, normal la.. Hujan je, jammed. Actually if not raining pun jammed as well.. hehe

It was twilight *senjakala*.. raining..
While listening and singing.. la la la la la..

Izinkan aku titiskan.. airmata keresahanku, di cengkam kerinduan yang tak bertepi.. la la la la la”

I know my voice suck, but I’m karaoke-ing by myself.
*ish. Makin lebat lak hujan nie..* har har har *please say it’s nothing to do with me aite..*

All of sudden, DANG!!!!

“Wargh!!!!!!!!!!! Sape plak langgar kete aku nie!! Siol!! ****** *********”

There is one motorcyclist try to menyelit, tapi ampehnye pegi langgar bumper belakang kete aku. Nak keluar, hujan plak. Aiseh. Motor tu plak dengan laju nye pecut..

All the way back home, tak abis2 aku menyumpah. Spoil mood aku menyanyi. Geram!!

Wei pakcik WPN something something, siap la ko!! *too bad tak hapal whole plat number*

Alhamdulillah, nothing much actually. Calar sikit jer.. Aku je yang terlebih kecoh.

To Zam: Selamat pegi dan balik.. *She went to Hong Kong and Shanzen.* Dun you dare forget my fridge magnet!! hehe.. Hmm, ko jangan sangkut ngan len chai kat situ gak, kang aku jeles! huhu..

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Proudly announce..

Hehe. Just my catchy nothing-to-announce title..

I've been finished my last book of Twilight Saga: Eclipse.
Yeah. You read me right. That's the 3rd book. I dun follow rules, neither sequence. Hehe. So? How is it? Save for Mimielola, dun want to spoil her mood. :p

For all the 4 books, in sequence; Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse, Breaking Dawn, I gave total marks for all of them. I personally think that Eclipse is the best amongst the best, of course..

When Stephenie Meyer will finish her 5th book, Midnight Sun? No idea. It was come to shock that someone has published her draft on the net! *as what I have until page 264*. Apparently she seems want to punish her fan by delaying / postpone last book, as I’ve read from Internet. Heh. Internet, sometimes is un-and/or-reliable source, isn’t it? Basically, Midnight Sun telling the story from Edward Cullen point of view. I bet it’s interesting!

I will continue my journey of reading with Sophie Kinsella’s Shopaholic & Baby. It surely humorous as usual, I bet!

Fatin: Nak pinjam Twilight series? Boleh.. Aku rent. Hahahahaha

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

April Fool, not!

I'm not celebrating April Fool. Anyone does? Oh how I almost had a heart attack hearing that our company will pay only half salary this month. Mak yang berang ni ape lagi. Called Payroll straightaway to clarify. Cis. Rupenye mak tertipu nyah!! Siap la ko Khai, aku campak ko dari tingkap level 8 ni karang..! *yeah, mak memang garang dan jugak ganas* huu..

OMG. OMG. OMG! Next story is not April Fool joke eh.

K-20 will be showing at Malaysia, finally!!

What the heck is K-20? Those who obsessed with Takeshi Kaneshiro will know la what I’m babbling about nie..
This movie was released at Japan some time ago… last December if I’m not mistaken.. I almost want to order Japanese DVD from my ex-boss *who is apparently Japanese, and now at Saitama, Japan*. Shimada-san, gomei ne!! huhu

Ok, forget about Robert Pattinson for a while.
Back to my beloved Takeshi Kaneshiro.. hehe
Cannot imagine he plays role as Circus Acrobat.. hm.. mesti lembut je kan badan die lompat sane sini? Huhu..

So: next move?
Drag my hubby along to Cineleisure this 9th April.
Sure lentok la laki gua itew!! Ahaks.
Mesti dalam hati die ..
“apa sajaaaa la bini aku ini..” [ala-ala Hj Bakhil punye intonasi..]

You can check this movie at

“In the fictional capital of Teito, there are rumours about a mysterious thief known as K-20 who only steals from the rich and aids the poor. Heikichi Endo (Takeshi Kaneshiro), a circus acrobat was conned and mistaken as K-20 and is subsequently arrested by Akechi Kogoro (Toru Nakamura), a famous detective who once arrested K-20 himself. In the midst of clearing his name, he must escape from jail and track down the real thief with the help of a beautiful police detective who is being targeted by the real K-20. In the non-stop battle with K-20, the true identity of the thief may finally be revealed.”(Source: Cinema Online)