Thursday, April 2, 2009

Proudly announce..

Hehe. Just my catchy nothing-to-announce title..

I've been finished my last book of Twilight Saga: Eclipse.
Yeah. You read me right. That's the 3rd book. I dun follow rules, neither sequence. Hehe. So? How is it? Save for Mimielola, dun want to spoil her mood. :p

For all the 4 books, in sequence; Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse, Breaking Dawn, I gave total marks for all of them. I personally think that Eclipse is the best amongst the best, of course..

When Stephenie Meyer will finish her 5th book, Midnight Sun? No idea. It was come to shock that someone has published her draft on the net! *as what I have until page 264*. Apparently she seems want to punish her fan by delaying / postpone last book, as I’ve read from Internet. Heh. Internet, sometimes is un-and/or-reliable source, isn’t it? Basically, Midnight Sun telling the story from Edward Cullen point of view. I bet it’s interesting!

I will continue my journey of reading with Sophie Kinsella’s Shopaholic & Baby. It surely humorous as usual, I bet!

Fatin: Nak pinjam Twilight series? Boleh.. Aku rent. Hahahahaha


mama hannah said...

hai hai..nak tanye,how to adjust day n date ek..heheh,aku br nk berjinak2 alam blog nih,tp time n date xsama la.. :)

Cutestamoi said...

Hi Tun. Welcome to blogging world. hehe.. To adjust, pegi kat Formatting, time tu set la kat GMT KL.. huu..

mama hannah said...

okeh,thanx beb...heheh

MommyDania said...


Cutestamoi said...

Tun: Welkambing dearie.
Fatin: Uweekk?? Wahh.. 2 years plan dah menjadi ker? wahahaha..
Nak pinjam bole. Aku bagi one by one, ok? with condition: takleh lebih dari 2 weeks per book. coz i'm gonna miss that book.. ekekeke