Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year

Assalamualaikum.. 1430H just passed us by, dah 1430 tahun since Nabi Muhammad S.A.W kite migrate from Kota Mekah to Madinah.. And us? Ade Hijrah tak? Huu.. Insap insap.. Mudah2an lepas ni kite sume beroleh kekuatan nak berhijrah dari negatif to positif.. Insya Allah..

PMR result dah keluar nie.. How's my sis in law is doing eh. Anyhow, her result won't be displayed here. Hehe. Hopefully she will pass lah.

Just came back from my hometown, missed it so much. Last time we went back mase Raye Puase. Aiyoh. Lucky my mother takde sumpah anak derhaka, kalo tak, sure dah jadi refrigerator. Hohoho. 3 days straight went to kenduri, gosh! Abis my diet. Hehehe. Jiran sebelah pun wat kenduri gak, the first wedding there. Anak ke tiga. Aiseh. Aku ni pantang sket kalo sume wat last minute, jadi nak marah ajer. Terpakse la hubby An tenangkan aku, 'tu kenduri orang.. biarkan..'. Hehehe.. Sungguh emo tul saye ni!

Adam Hakimi still at Hospital. Poor little boy my nephew tu.. Sad news is he's losing weight. Doc suh 'puasa' nak cuci perut. Tak kasik minum susu. Geramnye!!! Bile kale la gorgeous aunty ni bole gi tengok die eh.. Sedih.. sob sob.. Neway we all will go to JB this Saturday. I'll be seeing my sister, then uruskan hal persekolahan adik ipar. My father is flying off to Jogja (again) this Saturday. Eish abahku ni.. Rajin plak die gi tengok sedara mara kat Jogja tu. huhu. My mom ngamuk2 ade la. Bukan pasal kene tinggal, tapi pasal she claimed abah dah lupe itu ini hal sendiri kat kampung. Duh.. Bukan senang nak advise orang tua sendiri ni.. Hehe..

Ok la, it's near lunch hour time. Daaa..
Bobbi Brown Natural Finishing Sand 2 (foundation) ni ok la with my skin. Padan la ngan harge nye.. RM160.. Erkksss..
Now aiming for Shu Uemura Eye Shadow Chrismas Collection plak.. Ish ish ish.. (geleng kepale..) XOXO

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Xmas!

Yay!! Tomorrow is PH [public holiday]. What's your plan? If we wake up early, maybe will do some light exercise.. i.e. jogging.. or walking. Hahaha. Or play badminton. Huuhh.. Sehat sungguh xtvt nie. Biasenye, if bangun lambat.. Kitorang berenang jer.. Atas katil. Hihihi..
Neway, tomorrow we are going to check out new MJ outlets at Brem Mall. Hopefully bole la beli pape yang menarik. Hehehe..
2008 will leave us in just few days.. Hmm.. A lots of thing happen this year, and I pray 2009 will bring another good year to all of us. Even though with this 'economy' thing.
Hello 2009!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Life is a circle..

We went to Triang, Pahang on last Friday. My husband’s cousin getting married. Still young I guess, only 25 years old (for a man!) anyway tak per la.. Jodoh die sudah sampai.. Congratulation Shi! Lepas ni kene be fair la, coz both families tu besar.. Rasenye dalam 18 bijik kete ade kot pegi hantar rombongan pengantin nie. Lepas nie next month wedding belah Shi plak, kat Selayang.

For Nier and Nuar, be strong ok. Dugaan hidup tu. With this ‘economy’ situation, I think everyone pun affected. Yeah, that’s mean including me! TIME has been exercising VSS for their VPs, GMs.. Dunno when working level will be effected. Hm.. I hope there will always another job for meeeeee…

Yay!! I got another god daughter! Congratulation for Hajar & Zahar with their 1st baby girl. We are going to visit her, soon. Tak sesabo nak tengok Hajar junior. Hehe. Pasni turn Tun Anis Zaireen pulak. Aku doakan ko selamat bersalin la next month yer.. Mudah2an semuanye selamat.. Tak lupa jugak aku doakan untuk diri sendiri dapat anak sendiri.. Next year la kan, this year mane nak sempat dah.. Huuu.. Amin…

Hidup ni cam roda.. Sekejab kat atas, sekejab kat bawah.. So bile kite ade kat atas, kene la beringat.. Bile kite ade kat bawah, berusahalah untuk solve all the issues, and be patient..

Friday, December 5, 2008

Eidul Adha

To all my Muslim friends, I wish you all Selamat Menyambut Hari Raya Eidul Adha.. Moga2 kita semua beroleh keberkatan-Nya.. To me and myself, takleh makan banyak2.. Kene diet.. Muahahahaha. For those yang travel, drive safely.. Tau la minyak dah turun, jangan nak merempit pulak! Kitorang raye kat KL jer tahun nie, same as previous year. Hehe. Ingatkan nak pegi Eye On Malaysia dengan berbaju kurung raye, lakiku berbaju melayu.. Unfortunately Eye On Malaysia dah pindah gi Melaka plak. Coz nak sambut Datuk Shah Rukh Khan there. Sabo je la..
Okie, tu ajer.. Selamat Ari Raye sumee!!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Planned and un-plan

Since the day we can think, we plan everything we could think in our life. We plan how to do homework, to prepare for exam, plan when we want to start work, to have stable life, plan when we want to get married. Of course, we are just a ‘planner’; God knows when He wants to execute His plan on us. And why on earth I’m talking about plan-plan nie? I’m supposed to have nephew in next 2 months, but apparently he’d been born earlier than schedule, last week 27-11-2008. Oh gosh! That day, while I’m in my hectic traffic jam, I called my mom just to chit chat with her. All of sudden she start crying. She said my sis (younger sister – 24 years old) bleeding la, water broke la, and I’m so bloody panic! I just visited her last Saturday 22nd November, and she seems fine. With her 7 months of pregnancy, her stomach of course smaller than anyone else I’d ever seen. (my sis type yang petite, small frame, kecik.. so not like me!). I felt like flying to Pasir Gudang! My sister’s parents in law pegi Terengganu pulak. Kesian betol.. Alhamdulillah, she deliver 1.6kg baby boy within 20 min in labour room. My nephew kene letak dalam incubator until he reaches 2.something kg.. I pray both of them well.. So last Saturday I visit my sis at her in laws’. Ya Rabbi, macam tak percaye jer.. I didn’t have the chance to visit my anak buah at hospital, coz only parents are allowed. My brother in law managed to capture this picture for us..

Well, I pray and pray and pray everything will be okay. My mom with her endless panic rush to Johor by bus last Sunday. Yelah, first grandson.. Immature born pulak tu kan. Panik orang tua tu.. I got sms from my aunties ‘after Bitah, then it’s your turn-lah!’. Dushh!!

Earthquake look like this...

This is how Earthquake at Swenson look like.. It cost RM21.++ on Tuesday.. The rest of the day will cost RM42.++ if I'm not mistaken.. Huhuu..