Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Xmas!

Yay!! Tomorrow is PH [public holiday]. What's your plan? If we wake up early, maybe will do some light exercise.. i.e. jogging.. or walking. Hahaha. Or play badminton. Huuhh.. Sehat sungguh xtvt nie. Biasenye, if bangun lambat.. Kitorang berenang jer.. Atas katil. Hihihi..
Neway, tomorrow we are going to check out new MJ outlets at Brem Mall. Hopefully bole la beli pape yang menarik. Hehehe..
2008 will leave us in just few days.. Hmm.. A lots of thing happen this year, and I pray 2009 will bring another good year to all of us. Even though with this 'economy' thing.
Hello 2009!


mommy said...

kt manakah itu brem mall? awat aku xpenah dgr ek..

Cutestamoi said...

Brem Mall ni baru bukak. Dekat ngan roundabout Kepong.. Ade MJ outlets. Barang murah coz die off season price. Aku baru borong bantal Novelle, RM19 each. Huhuhu..