Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Welcome 2008

To all my beloved frenz and family, Happy New Year!

2008 = 28 years old.. duuuhhh!! Hehe..

Anyway, how's ur celebration? We just lepaking at home, watching TV [all those concerts] and z z z z.. Too lazy to go out and celebrate. Hmm.. Then early in the morning, pegi jogging, main badminton [huh.. care hidup yg sungguh sehat! wahahahaha], breakfast at mamak [adding some calories, after losing it, hehe], then watch DVDs.. Underworld 1 + 2.. Hepi Nu Year! :p
Dinner at 7pm.. Huuu

Pehtu, last nite Arsenal menang lagi.. Syioknyaaaa!!

2007 just passed me by like a blink jer.. Early year, 01.01.07 jumpe bakal mak Mertua.. March 07, majlis merisik, Aug 07 wedding.. What a busy year! Abis kat kawen jer.. Hehe. Rase tak sempat nak enjoysss pun.. Skrg ni kire enjoy ngan hubby je la.. Hoo.. Look forward to my honeymoon, long awaited ni tau abg oi!! :p