Tuesday, March 31, 2009

I've got something to tell you..

Spoiler again! ahahaha..

I'm in the middle *eh.. not middle.. dah 3/4 way* finishing 4th book: Breaking Dawn. Oh, finally I can see myself smiling. Not depress again. The way Stephenie Meyer put up her stories; well, for me it seems weird. Hehe. Ok la, dun want to comment much..
I cannot imagine how Robert Pattinson and Kristen Steward will act in the last series though. Hehe..

Anyway, I went to TIMES bookstore BSC *Bangsar Shopping Centre* yesterday.. All along I went there bcoz I entitle 20% of Twilight Saga series. Guess who I met there?

The gorgeous Deanna Yusuf. Oh my my.. , she look very lovely..

I bought Eclipse and Breaking Dawn. Apart from that, Shopaholic & Baby. I've been reading Sophie Kinsella book again and again! Yay. Lighten my mood then.. Huhu..

Monday, March 30, 2009

Depression begin, and the spoiler comes!

This is the spoiler of New Moon: Twilight series, book no 2.

Please do not read if you think you can't handle..

I cannot believe this.. But I guess because I just read too much / concentrate the books until my weekend is gone.. *2 books for 2 days man!* I'm quite depress lah. Mainly not because my work sucks *getting worst day by day* but because New Moon seems too 'dark' for me!!

The unbearable suffer starts..
1) Edward: How come you leave someone you actually love and care because you try to keep them safe?
I dun think it's even logic. U need to stay and watch over, supposedly..

2) Bella: Why on earth you tried to hurt yourself when your love is gone? Or just bcoz u want to hear his voice, again?
Our self is more important..

3) Edward: You heard that your love one is gone *grapevine* and you actually believe it immediately without asking the truth from the right person, then you decide you want to end your own life?
Gosh!! So sadistic..

4) Jacob: Being with the person he actually have crush on / love, and yet still can tolerate her un-well being..
My comment: Are you blind? Move on!!

5)The Cullen family: I cannot understand how come they just immediately leave? Isn’t Carlisle Cullen is matured enough to deal with this kind of problem? Come on man, you’re 300 over years OLD!

6) Bella parents: Especially Charlie the father, how you take care of your only daughter? Pathetic man..

7) Bella: you actually can forgive someone hurt you that much?
I think I can too.. but I must get avenge him first!
Merajuk ke sepak ke terajang.. hehe.. I know I’m cruel. But I've been in pain suffer for 8 bloody months Edward! Of course, love is blind and can make you blind too..

I can go on and on and on, but honestly I think it will make me sadder, and carried away. huu
Well, I hope I can drag myself to the movie this Nov, hopefully.
Like Robert Pattinson said, this New Moon is dark and strange story.. *sigh*

Sunday, March 29, 2009

10 Things I Hate about Robert Pattinson

I'm re-posting this entry due to.. See new reason..

Apparently, it was a surprise to me too that I haven't 'get rid' this British actor until now. Wonder why la. Coz I just watched him in Twilight, Harry Potter only. Well, it might have something to do with the fact that I totally have crush on vampire, I guess. Hehehe

Please do not mad at me. It comes from my observation thru his role in the movies, gossip, what I surf on the Internet, etc. Even any die-hard-fan must not neglect the weaknesses from their idol ya..

10) Bongkok. Or in English; slouching. He has hunched shoulders. That’s the first obvious thing I notice about him in Twilight.*apart from he’s charmingly handsome!* Rob, please take note!

9) In Twilight, he speaks like he just learns English. In defense, I think he just learn how to speak ‘American English’. But from the interviews done, I think he already improved a lot! Congrats..

8) Messy hairstyle.. No one can argue with me about this.. Until I saw his interview with Elle Japan. You go boy! Extremely good looking with new haircut!

7) Emotion-less in Twilight. I guess it has something to do with him being a vampire.. and probably he talk-less with girl for more than 100 years? Hehe

6) It was reported that Rob proposed to Kristen Stewart, jokingly. Of course, it kinda weird behavior.. Except proposing for me? Hahahaha

5) He’s only 23.. sob sob sob..

4) He didn’t have his own Facebook. Dang!!

3) I don’t like him with all beardy all over his face. Aiseh. Too lazy to shave?

2) Hm, in Twilight he unbutton his shirt.. Show off his ‘sparkling skin’.. No six pack. I’m so frustrated! :p

1) He didn’t know I’m exist.. waaaaaa

0) Eh? How come there is 0 here? I must be insane.. Most of all, I wrote this because I’m trying to convince myself that I was actually like his role as Edward Cullen.. but apparently I fall for real man, Robert Pattinson. Erks!

New thing: x) My hubby goes all the way to search what is the 'thing' about Rob.. So I can truly hate him, kot?
Please see this website
Gosh: Isn't my hubby so lovely? And definitely he's obsesses with me?
Thanks abang! I still like Rob, BTW. :p

Where on earth I get all this ideas from? Huuu.. If you're supposed to watch bowling tournament. While I busied myself write down on my notebook, suddenly there is one man asking me what I'm doing.

"I'm reporter. I report for this bowling tournament".

Busy body betul. Padan muke..

Saturday, March 28, 2009

My busy Saturday..

Oh gosh. I will not have my weekend. Wake up as early as 6.45am.. Reach Sunway Pyramid at 8.00am.. I am so sleepy, tido lambat coz tengok DVD Twilight for 3rd time. Hehe.. En. An (my hubby) have bowling tournament. And I, who was bored then, pegi la MPH.. I got this books. Berjaye mengepow menghabiskan duit my dearie hubby.

So basically I'm busy.. Busy busy busy!

Anyway, I have to stop for 1 hour as to honour Earth Hour.. 8.30pm to 9.30pm.

*have to switch off light ma.. otherwise I might continue reading..*

And it's now 10.06pm, and good news is I already finished New Moon.. hehe

Friday, March 27, 2009


Since my BFF Fatin pun dah mengomen pasal SPA Q, gua pun nak jugak contribute some comments about SPA Q nieh.

1) Paling gua tak puas ati, ade satu babak tu *terBALIK awal dr opis time tu. hehe*. Babak sedih la. Lagu sedih kuar membuak2, yang tak bestnye tu. Aku kenal lagu tu. Dari soundtrack Windstruck, Korean film. Pantang betul aku lagu ciplak nie, tu la citer *sesetengah* orang Melayu. No originality!!

2) Tepung gomak heavy make up. Please laa.. Sangat tebal okeh. Tak seswai langsung..

3) Pakaian Azizah Mahzan - malas nak citer lebih2. Sendiri mau ingat la makcik oi!

4) Rambut si Qistina i.e. Norish Karman. Mekap sikit punye tebal, rambut die yang tak original blonde tu apsal la bersepah-sepah? Pegi la straighten ke wat hair treatment ke. Nampak sangat kering dan rosak! *mate mak memang tajam..* huu

5) I guess there will be another SPA Q laa.. Mesti mekap lagi tebal lah, I bet!

6) Overall, lagi best layan Twilight! *I just got Times Bookstore DVD version. Sob sob sob. I wanted Borders version laa! Anyone will go to Singapore this week or next weekend? Please let me know.. Borders Malaysia didn't carry any DVDs anymore..*


10 Signs You're Too Obsessed With Twilight

This comes from Times of the Internet.

What are the signs that your love for Twilight has crossed the line into obsession? We've created this handy check list to help you decided if you need professional assistance with your Twilight Obsession.

10) You've memorized every line of the book series
Me: will do
9) You refer to yourself as a "Twilight Scholar"
Me: not yet..
8) Your screen name is a Twilight character's name
Me: good idea, indeed!
7) You spend all day blogging about the movie
Me: basically not blogging, but surfing, day dreaming.. hehehe
6) You are set to receive Twitter updates about "New Moon"
Me: will do, soon!
5) You think Catherine Hardwicke should be the next President of the United States
Me: no wayyy!!
4) You actually think you have a future with either Robert Pattinson or Taylor Lautner
Me: Rob Pattinson, of course.. *drooling*
3) You just know in your heart that vampires are real
Me: Yeah!!
2) You're sure Twilight is non-fiction Me: Of course! hahaha
1) You have your Google Alerts set to notify you anytime anyone in the world mentions Twilight even once.
Me: not that cronic, yet!

If 5 or more of these statements apply to you, you may already be too far gone to help. If all 10 are applicable, all we can do is send some good vibes and hope for the best.

Credit to http://malaysiantwilighter.blogspot.com/

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

And among the signs are...

Rasenye aku baru je buat entry pasal takde mood nak keje.. Wah, makin lame makin menjadi-jadi plak 'situasi' di opis nieh.
Berita tergempar semalam.

Gaji bakal masuk lambat. Yeah, usually gaji masuk every 26th of the month. Now nak tukar jadi 30hb.. Wah.. Ade yang remind kate kene bersyukur pasal tak kene 'paycut'. Eh?? Maka, alhamdulillah..
Payroll mengaku ade 'cash flow problem'.. Aisehmen..

Komisen? As my previous entry. New rule: Saper tak achieve 30% of the quota per month takleh dapat komisen.. (mine, yearly target new sales RM2.2mil, so pandai-pandai la korang divide by 12 months, pastu kire 30% tu bape eh..)
Satu malapetaka di zaman customer nak reduce telco expenses nieh..

Milage claim? Masih maintain 80sen per kilo. Ok best dan menarik. Dulu, 2 kali bayar claim. By 15th and end month. Sekarang 15hb sahaja. So before ujung bulan kene kelam kabut siapkan milage claim la.

Ape pendapat korang? Should I update résumé and look for another job?
Atau maintain pendam perasaan sakit jiwa raga kat opis nie? Tunggu ekonomi pulih?


Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Takdek mood

Adoish. Apsal la rase malas sangat nak keje lately.. Nak kene buang keje ke ape aku ni eh..

Rase nak pegi bercuti, or dok kat umah, sleeping *my favorite* or layan perasaan tengok orang ni je lah..

TK.. I still sukeee kat you tau.. Dun worry, itew Robert Pattinson will be my hot item *item ya, not orang. hehe* sekejab jer.. I promise! ngeee..

Seriously, takde mood. Help!

Monday, March 23, 2009

TV3, here I come!!

Dalam keadaan ekonomi dunia yang semakin genting nie, rasenye.. we have to do something with the way we spend eh? Aku pun dah nak insap-insap nie. Hehehe.. I have 2 choices here:

1) Work my as* off at my current company.. *with this economic condition, customer rather to stay put with their telco expenses, than expanding or upgrading..*
2) Look for another job, increase at least 50% from my salary, enjoy the same perks I've at my current job *or more perks*, and more peaceful environment.

So.. Which one?

And how TV3 come to place? Macam nie..

Sunday afternoon, tutt tuttt *I got sms*

"Wei, aku nak kol ko nie.. ko nyamar ko orang tv3, ckp ngan *tutt* tau. Kalo ko dpt sms ni ckp ok"

Me: Hohh?? What the hell?? Reply je la.. "ok"

Lagu Lady Gaga: Just Dance berkumandang *mak tau, mak sangat up to date..* :D

Me: "Hello"

Mak budak "Hello TV3? Ni anak saye nak cakap nie.. Ha *tuutt* cakap lah.. Mama dah call TV3..
Suare budak kecik: "Eloow?"

Me: "Shiapee nieeee?"

Budak kecik: "Ni *tuttt*
*tuttt* nak dengar ... agu yang keluar... dalam tv tadi.."

Me: Bukak loudspeaker. Dah tergelak-gelak ngan En. An kat belakang.
"Lagu ape keluar tadi kat tv?"

Budak kecik ngan pelat: "Agu (lagu) yang dalam tv tadi. Dalam Melodi tadi".

Me: "Haaa?? Aunty tak tengok Melodi la sayang.."

Budak kecik tu lagi: *masih repeat same sentence* "Nak dengar lagu kat Melodi tadi.... *suare dah agak sedih."

Me: "Ok, nanti aunty kuarkan dlm tv eh.."

Pastu putus.

Kengkawanku, kalo nak kelentong anak tu.. Agak-agak la.. Tak baik tau..

Pastu aku anta sms nak mak budak tu.. "Wassap?"

Kul 9pm baru mak budak tu reply
"Sowi. Aku br sedar sms ni x send lg. Td mase melodi tu nk abis ada lagu Dia Fadila catchy la lagu tu. Budak ni joget-joget lg. Pas tu azan, aku pun mute la. Sampai melodi abis azan tak abis lg. Tu yang meraung tu."


Sengal betul member aku nie. But anyway she's famous with her kesengalan and clumpsy. Har har har..
Fatin, check the video out. Huu..

Ni mak si Wise anta mms kat aku.. Last week. Die tengah sebok nyanyi "Lagu Untukmu".

Berbalik kat topik kite nie.. Agak-agak layak tak aku jadi Michelle dalam Melodi tu? Aku grad Mass Comm ape.. ngeh ngeh ngeh.. Actually this entry tiada kaitan TV3 offer aku keje ke ape.. Kasik gempak je beb!

Wise ni my godson.. Kalo tengah malam die nak cakap ngan aku, abis la bapak die call aku mlm-mlm. Sometimes siap video call lagi *maju bebudak kecik zaman sekarang nie*. Kelam kabut aku carik baju yang senonoh. Uhuk.

Ade sekali tu kul 9pm gua dah melepak kepenatan *tido atas sofa*, Nuar *the daddy* called me, passed kat Wise..

Wise: "Aunty Emmaa.. Wise nak Otomen dengan.. dengann.. Power Rangers".

Me: Hah?? *mamai mamai* "Ipin Ipin tanak ke Wise?"

Wise: "Tanakk.. Nak baju otomeennnnn.. dengan power rangersssss"

Me: "ok ok.. seluar superman tanak? Lawa tau, underwear kat luar.."

Dang! Esoknye Nuar bising kat aku.. Ajar anak die bukan-bukan.

Hahaha.. Sorry, Aunty Rema pun sengal jugak! :p

Jangan la muntah sayang..

Korang pun jangan la muntah okay tengok wallpaper mak..


Zam, ni la gambar die di zaman Harry Potter.

Kacak kan? :p

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Satu hari di hari Sabtu..

Uih.. Belom nak start blogging lagi gua dah berpeluh-peluh nak cerita perihal seorang mamat nie.. Erkss! *Warning: Pasni kalo korang tak heard about me in a week or two, please call police or abang bomba, sebab maybe gua dah kene dera ngan lakiku yang jeles iteww.. ahahahaha* His name Edward Cullen. Who the hell Edward is? I hope this will help you..







Kenape lah aku mesti ade crush ngan vampire? Ape ke bengong sangat aku ni.. Ntah hape hape..

Teringat mase dolu dolu kat zaman uni. Tengok citer Interview with Vampire, starring Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise tuh. Huh.. Berminggu-minggu tak tido lena tunggu vampire yang charming datang gigit aku.. Huuu.. Yeah, I know I'm pathetic and vain. :p

But I dun care..
Korang perasan tak, kalo tengok citer vampire gan werewolves, mesti male vampire tu sangat kacak, charming, ala-ala menggoda gitu.. For example Brad Pitt la kan. Tapi kalo compare ngan werewolves tu, derang ni busuk, eh what I mean is berperangai busuk, pastu hodoh, atau dalam bahse sopan sikit, tidak kacak. Nape eh? Pasal tu la mak sukaaaa ngan vampire. Ahahahaha. *credit tidak diberikan kat citer Underworld coz that hero tu a mix of vampire ngan werewolf kan..* So he's out. Tho he's kittun too! hehe..

Well, last Saturday we watched this Twilight dvd. Biase la kan, En. An ngan aku kalo tak gi tengok movie, kitorang layan dvd je kat umah. Huu.. Owh..Nyesal nye aku tak tengok citer ni awal-awal. Nape la tak tengok ari tu mase kuar wayang last Dec eh? sob sob sob. Kalo tak, dah lame aku angau ngan ini mamat kan? Hehe..

Actually aku sangat la tertarik ngan karakter Robert Pattinson dalam citer Twilight ni.. Sangat, mak nak tekankan lagi kat sini, sangat laaaa charming! Mau runtuh jiwa raga tengok citer nie.. huhu.. Die ialah seorang vampire yang sangat mysterious *tipikal citer vampire la kan*, sangat la putih *most probably sebab kurang minum darah and jugak kurang tido*. Mind you all, his family is vegetarian vampire. Yeah. U read it right, vegetarian. It was referring to drinking blood of animal only. Darah manusia takleh, haram. Hehe. Kire vampire moden la nie..
Biasenye citer vampire, kite dah exposed bahawasanya vampire takleh kene sunlight kan coz nanti derang leh terbakar. Dalam citer Twilight ni pulak, sungguh la lain. Rupenye Edward Cullen and his family takleh kene sunlight sebab nanti derang akan bergemerlapan bak permata dilimpahi sinar mentari (tak tahan bahse sastera aku ni!). Sparkling bebeh!! Bile si Bella Swan tu nampak Edward tu jadi camtu, she said 'You're beautiful'. Adoi. Gelak guling-guling aku ngan En. An nengok. Muehehehe.. Tak caye tengok la sendiri! :p
Kalo nak komen, banyak la weak plot, here and there, everywhere. Tho this movie was an adaptation from a very successful novel!

Sementelahan En. An pegi main futsal di hari Ahad yang berbahagia ini, saye telah meng'google'kan this hearttrob. Wah, siap ade website yang dedicate for him..
I kinda notice this young man mase die jadi Cedric Diggory dalam Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. Back then, malas nak find out because citer tu zaman anak-anak. Tup tup, wah Rob *name manje* telah membesar bagai johan, and turn jadi orang yang kacakkk!! *ggrr grrr*
Well there is one thing I did notice about him. His teeth. *mcm la gigi aku lawa sangat kan*. Tak semestinye kalo aku minat kat someone tu, my eyes will be blind. Never. Tapi aku cume malas nak describe kat sini, korang pegi google sendiri. :p
He just 23 years old.. Sungguh la underage. Sungguh la adik-adik.
Ok la, since I have my own vampire nowadays, better I stop myself.
I lap u abang! hehe

Robert Pattinson.. *drooling*.. Eh oh. En Mozehan..

Mase ni kitorang gi Cineleisure, tengok Dragonball. Physically I was there, tapi hati jiwa raga dok teringat kat Edward Cullen: Robert Pattinson!


Thursday, March 19, 2009

Menjadi seorang pompuan

*Sigh* Susah gak ek jadi orang pompuan nie.. Serba serbi kene jage. Huuu.. According to my hubby, my maintenance fee agak la tinggi kan. Before kawen, every month mesti pegi buat treatment rambut, facial *bile rajin*, pegi spa *masih maintain tho dah kawen*, barang2 yang tak bole takde seperti lotion, nite cream, make up stuffs *makin menjadi2 pas kawen nie* baju jalan, baju keje, seluar jalan, seluar keje *masih maintain Lliam & Co* uihh memacam la. Tak larat nak tulis sume.
I baru je start bende baru start ujung tahun lepas. Beli shampoo mahal. Huhu. Why? Sebab I've been losing my hair, rasenye macam banyak gile!! Alhamdulillah la, rambut masih tetap maintain banyak, cume rase risau ya amat-amat tengok rambut merata-rata.. I guess kalo orang lain tengok rambut bersepah-sepah tu, mesti ingat tuan empunya rambut dah botak. But thank God.. huuu..
After using SP [System Professional] with all the serum la bla bla bla tu..which is not that effective for me I've been recommended to use Nioxin. Time lunch tadi pegi Jusco Maluri Hair Atelier, SA yang bername Left, yes, u read it right.. Left, bukan Right eh recommend to me Nioxin type no 1. Cleaner and Scalp treatment. Cost? Huuu.. Find out yourself lah. Jakun pulak tengok derang pakai menatang ape tu yang macam kamera tu letak kat rambut, pastu nampak kat kulit kepale haku, serta rambut pun leh nampak sehelai2! Uish.
Actually, Mr. Left firstly recommend for me
"Kurangkan pakai tudung lah. Rambut u banyak gugur pasal pakai itu tudung la.."
"............... tersengih cam kerang busuk je la aku nie........ "
Kalo belum kawen, lain cerita la Mr. Left oi.. Huhu..
Kan abang kan? :p
Pasni sure kene gi buat scalp treatment. Will kopakkan my purse; that's for sure!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Kisah benar part 2

Sekarang aku sudah cool down. Alhamdulillah (amboi mase amarah kemain lagi aku mencarut eh).. Hehehe..

Anyway petang semalam, my boss call. *tak puas ati la kot aku balas sms ngan penuh sinis tu*

"Ha ape order yang masuk minggu ni dok kate beria2 buat sales nie?"

"Ala, nothing big la boss.. 1x1.5Mbps jer. RM45,000 kat JB"
".... *diam*.. Hmm ok la tu. Nanti I cakap ngan En tuttt suruh cepatkan sign commission u all next month"

".. tersengih kegirangan! sebab menang.. ... "

Sebbek ade sales this week! Kalo tak, mau meroyan aku kene tabuh ngan boss. Pasal tu leh cakap besar and reply his sms sarcastically. Pasni confirm boss aku yang kene meroyan dapat anak buah perangai camnie.


Mak sukaaaa..

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Kisah benar

Di satu sore nan dingin lagi hingaq, kat McD Uptown 5 *after abis meeting ngan customer okeh*. Tetibe.. bunyik sms..

"Msg from *tuttt* - Guys, I have spoken to En *tuttt* and he said he will sign everyone's commission today in Glenmarie. Cuma it won't come into this salary kot I rasa, up to you all to check with Finance. FYI"
My first respond?
Cilakeeeeeee!!! Cam sial tol. *sorry for my French* Spoil my mood. Sebbek dah kul 6 petang. Kalo tak, aku mogok tak hingin nak buat ape.
Hangin. So aku dengan geram reply to my boss:
"Aiseh. Suruh buat sales beria2, sign commission lambat! Eiii"
Sesape yang kenal aku, memang tau la mulut aku ni camnie. Geramnye!!! Dah plan with duit 'kamsen' tu nak beli perfume (my Lancome Miracle dah nak abis!!), nak beli itew inew, Isetan brochure baru sampai lak tu. Hangin hangin hangin!! Ingat baru nak surprise hubby nak belikan tiket F1, jadahnye!! (abang, terpakse la abang banjer sayang eh..) Hangin satu badan!!! Bengkek tol aku..
Make nye.. Berbelanja lah se-adanye dengan gaji basic ajer.. Huwaaa!
P/s: Kot ade yang nak tau.. Duit kamsen ade la almost reach RM2k. But not every month maintain, every month varies actually.. sob sob sob..
Terpakse la tunggu duit milage claim ajer.. Tu pun tengah bulan nanti.. Tapi tak banyak pung!!
Font pun saje bubuh kaler merah, tanda amarah. Huh!!
Last but not least. Fuck!!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Busy Weekenders

How's your weekend? I went to Dewan Perdana Felda last Saturday, alone. Sob sob sob. Lakiku berBBQ with all his sedara mara kat Subang. Actually we got this invitation first, but then last minute his uncle nak wat BBQ and tahlil, not to mention Man U vs Liverpool, xtvt die nak buat with his cousins, so no choice la kene pegi wedding Johan ni sorang2.

Siot nye Puan Pidda ni melambatkan diri la plak. Kene la aku jadi orang terseksa dek penantian di menara Marinara itew. Ciss.. Memule mak ni tak tau nak pakai baju ape, last2.. Tetibe dapat ilham nak pakai baju nikah.. Yiehhaa!!

Op coz, ni gambar lame.. Remember, lakiku tiada di tempat kejadian Dewan Perdana Felda nie.. huu

Ni latest picture.. Mesti korang ingat aku giler kan mencangkung di khalayak ramai. Dulik hape!

Layla Khadija yang tersangat comei dan petah. Tak terjawab jugak aku time2 die ade mood tanye itu ini. Huuu.. Camne la nak handle anak sendiri nanti eh? Adoyai..

Ni la Puan Pidda.. Layla tu terselit.. Susah nak ajak budak ni posing tau!

Johan ni actually my officemate. Sungguh la humble, tak dapat detect langsung sorang anak orang kaye raye, parents die Dr. lagi... Huhu.. Anyway he already leave TIME. All the best for your new future undertaking yek! Keep the good work okeh.

Ari ahad pulak, pegi Kota Emerald East, Rawang. Wedding Farah, someone I actually barely know. Huhu.. Pegi wedding ni coz sedara bau2 bacang, and since my mil is in town, she wants to go there.. Abang, I have tried my very best ya!

Taken using my HTC. Resolution rendah kot? Hmm..

Bandung review

Oh gosh, rasenye memang tak larat if nak review every single thing about Bandung. But I'll try my best la eh.. We all jelajah most of the FOs along Jalan Ir. Juanda tu, (previously known as Jalan Dago), ade Level, ade Episode, Victoria (bukan Victoria Secret eh), etc. Huu.. Too bad la last day tu hujan plak, and we are trapped kat Level. Derang ni plak kat seberang jalan. So orang2 Bandung ni ramai yang buat bisnes kan, derang provide umbrella. Charge for 2? Rp5,000 (RM1.50). Yang tak bestnye, hujan jer.. Keluar la air segala busuk dari longkang2.. Euwww sangat2!! Abis Nike gua! Waaa waaa..

If anyone interested to go to Bandung, I'll advise you guys to eat from local restaurant. Bukan nak memandang rendah gerai2 / stall tepi2 jalan tu, just for our own health jugak la. Ok?
Lagi satu, if you all pegi any kedai2 kasut tu, please check extra carefully of the skin used. Kejadian yang menimpa diri aku ialah, pegi Jalan Cibaduyut tu.. Memang confirm nampak 3 titik kat kasut kulit tu, tapi SA tu beria2 cakap tu kulit sapi. Dang!! Aku memang hangin gile. Siap bertekak2 lagi. 'Ni kulit babi, saye tau..' 'Ngakk mbak, kita enggak bisa pakei kulit babi, itu haramm'.. So daripada aku bersyakwasangka kan, better leave it jer. Huu ngeri. Indonesia lain. Derang kawen campur between Muslim and non-Muslim pun takper. Oh, I cannot tolerate that. Apetah lagi kulit kerbau pendek itu.. Huh!

Heritage, Cascade, tak sempat nak pegi. Hopefully next time around lah. Huu.. Kesian Cik Esah kite tak dapat pegi Kampung Daun, totally shopping hopping jer kitorang nie! Lain kali, kene pegi tempat yang memang purely sightseeing, baru lah takde distraction camnie.. Huuu..
Kalo nak berjimat cermat, try la duduk hotel yang 2 star je. Royal Dago is highly recommended. Better we saving on accomodation, lagi pun kite akan keluar pagi, balik malam. Setakat nak tido jer, kite tak perlu fancy hotel beb. Hehe.. Transportation pulak, kalo pegi ramai2 sewa la van ke aper. Tong2 beramai2. Senang. Kalo nak adventurous sket, try la 'angkutan'.. Angkutan ni van, jenis tak tutup pintu.. Huu.. Memang la mencabar! Jangan ade yang terkeluar dari van dah la yek! Ngeh ngeh ngeh..
Ok la people.. If you have any inquiry on Bandung, just shoot. I'll try to share with you anything I know. Nite nite!

Friday, March 13, 2009

Dari Jakarta ke Bandung

Owh.. Dah lame rupenye saye tidak memblogging kan diri rupenye eh..
.. Alhamdulillah, kitorang sume selamat pergi dan balik JKT-BDO....
First day: 5th March 2009
Ari Khamis 5th March 2009, Esah (overnight at my house), my dearie hubby and myself wake up awal giler (except my hubby yang tido awal dan bangun awal sebab nak tengok bola). Kul 5 pagi dah bersiap, mamat limo perdana tu siap tido dalam kete rupenye. Muehehehe.. Kitorang sampai KLIA before 6am, macam nak gi tolong bukak kedai2 dalam tu jer! Muke toksah nak cakap la, sembab.. Huu.. Mengantuk.. Breakfast nasik lemak for 2 and air biase jer, cost me RM28.80, owh KLIA.. Rabak poket even before fly lagi! huuu... Tunggu Mek Jie and OI sampai, we had breakfast together.. Fatin and the gang fly straight dr LCCT ke Bandung. Kitorang ber5 jer yang naik MAS..
MAS ok, though a bit delay.. Ntah nape delay. Tak per la. So far ok jer. Touchdown kat Soekarno Hatta airport around 10 lebih waktu tempatan. Gosh. Saye amat lah terperanjat tengok airport derang nie. Ala2 Subang airport gitu. Meaning kecik and out-design lah. Huhu.. Tak seperti KLIA yang amat la happening with all those light, decoration etc etc. Sampai2 je dah tergelak2 nengok signboard 'Kamar Kecil', and each partition tu ade small picture, gambar how the toilet bowl inside.. Patut la panggil kamar kecil, sebab memang kecik. Cube bagi name kamar besar, haa.. sure besar kan? One thing I did notice about public restroom kat JKT BDO ni ialah.. Flush takder. Semua main manual jer, jirus.. Huu..Tapi kat hotel ade la kan..
Sampai2 je dah kene kejar dengan orang2 yang kalo kat Mesia ni kite panggil teksi sapu, or ulat la. We all naik train dari Gambir ke Bandung. So dari airport ni, beria2 diorang ni nak suruh naik teksi / van diorang ke station Gambir tu. Since kitorang ni ber5 dan beg jugak agak banyak, so naik 1 kete sure la tak cukup kan. Yang macam nak paksa suruh bagi angkat beg pun ade jugak, but we've been reminded by Ms. Esah yang sume tu ade charge yek. Bukan FOC eh. There is no free lunch okay. Huu.. Sebbek Esah ade. Die jugak la yang mintak airport taxi anta kitorang ke Gambir. Jauh gak.. Naik Avanza. Cost Rp 190,000.
Kitorang ingat nak kejar train Agro Gede tu, tapi lambat la pulak. So naik la Parahyangan. Executive coach, per pax Rp45,000 equivalent to RM14 for 3 hours journey.. While waiting for train, kitorang sempat la lunch dulu kat Nako Hako Bento ke ape ntah name die. Famous gak kedai Japs nie, merata2 nampak. Kat Bandung ade, Jakarta pun ade. Decent meals, lebih kurang la harga ngan Teppanyaki kat Mesia nie..
So dalam train.. aku tido la. Coz nak qadha balik waktu tido tak cukup tu kan.. Pastu plak hujan. Huh. Syiok! Eventhough it's first class coach, tapi biase2 jer la sume nye.. Sampai Bandung ari dah nak gelap. There goes my 1st day.. Journey jer..
Check in hotel Royal Dago tu almost 7.30pm.. Dah too tired nak gi dinner or ape, so I've resuming my habit, tidoq. Syiok nya...
Second day: 6th March 2009
Bangun pagi gosok gigi pakai baju la la la la. Tak hengat lirik. Theeheehee..
According to our supir, Ekaa tu, yang penting pegi Pasar Baru dulu. Coz takut weekend nanti ramai Jakartan or Bandung-an menyerbu.. Owh lupe plak nak komen pasal Royal Dago. Decent food la. Nasi goreng ok, mee pun ok gak. Bole lah! Kat Pasar Baru ni famous dengan kain ela, kebaya, telekung, etc. Basically first day shopping ni jer I dah spend RM 1k plus. Hulu. Gile dingdong la aku nie.. Tapi still tak terkalah dengan Mek Jie.. Kan Fatin kan? Hoho.. Lunch kat Pasar Baru gak, ni first time makan ikan Gurame (kat Mesia panggil talapia). Sedap! Bole la layan. Huhu. Pastu pegi Stock Centre - where I have bought my green track. Siot jer sume orang bising. Ape ke salah mak nak pakai seluar track kaler ijo kan? Hoho..
Dinner Dapur Sangkuriang - sangat menarik. Thanks to Mak Cimah and my kazen Wiena yang suggest tempat ni.. Tho cannot recall bile kale si Wiena ni bagitau. Sowi kazen. Kat Sangkuriang ni siap makan bersila, cost per person RP50,000. Tersangat ok ngan food nye.. Besh!
Nanti sambung lagi...

Monday, March 2, 2009

Oh.. Tipah sungguh tertipu..

Al-kesahnye.. Isetan ade sale sekarang. Sampai la 7th April, if I'm not mistaken la.. Oh.. Mak sungguh tak tahan dengan Bobbi Brown 35 colours eye shadows.. Punye la poyo nak pegi tengok (kot bole bodek lakiku beli, menarik gak.. RM230 beb. Mahal tuu.. ) huhu. So last Saturday pegi la KLCC, since kat Lot 10 Isetan tu takde kaunter Bobbi Brown. Sekali tu pegi tengok, ya Rabbi.. Kecil sungguh packaging nye. Rasenye saiz jari kelingking per colour je la kot. Kene tipu kiri kanan akak rase!! Ingat besar, sekali tengok.. Ala.. cinonetnyeee la.. Tak padan ngan harga ko RM230. Eish. Kalo tengok brochure tu, macam besar bebeno.. Geram tol. Tapi bagus jugak, sebab tak jadi terus nak beli. Muahahahaha.
Tengok Seven Pounds. Owh. Sungguh heavy.. Seven pounds beratnye. Hehehe. Pasni laki aku nak ajak tengok Upin Ipin. Tidakkk!! Kalo bukan kite sendiri yang support filem Melayu.. sape lagi ye tak? Baiklah. Nanti kite pegi tengok eh abang? Huu..
Ngantuk ar. Malas tol nak keje lately nie. Macam-macam hal. Tak sabar nye nak bercuti..