Tuesday, March 31, 2009

I've got something to tell you..

Spoiler again! ahahaha..

I'm in the middle *eh.. not middle.. dah 3/4 way* finishing 4th book: Breaking Dawn. Oh, finally I can see myself smiling. Not depress again. The way Stephenie Meyer put up her stories; well, for me it seems weird. Hehe. Ok la, dun want to comment much..
I cannot imagine how Robert Pattinson and Kristen Steward will act in the last series though. Hehe..

Anyway, I went to TIMES bookstore BSC *Bangsar Shopping Centre* yesterday.. All along I went there bcoz I entitle 20% of Twilight Saga series. Guess who I met there?

The gorgeous Deanna Yusuf. Oh my my.. , she look very lovely..

I bought Eclipse and Breaking Dawn. Apart from that, Shopaholic & Baby. I've been reading Sophie Kinsella book again and again! Yay. Lighten my mood then.. Huhu..


MommyDania said...

wey! bg aku pinjam twilight tu. nak tau gak apa yg best.

Cutestamoi said...

Ala.. ko bukan die hard fun pun kan.. ko tgk movie je dah le.. muahahahahaha