Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Sale, sale and sale!

Gosh. I wish I know how to put this into writing. Malaysia Year end Sale will start this weekend. I wish I had ton of money so that I can spend ‘em all. Hahaha. What a shopaholic eh. But I need to save now due to our - my girlfriends (Esah, Jie, Mak Kecik) and my hubby - will go to Bandung next year. I will do serious shopping there, so I got to stop myself from spending at Malaysia la I guess? Hehe. Pity! But tell you.. I can’t stop admiring Estee Lauder Christmas sale. Though I heard some bad review about Estee Lauder: eye shadow pale la, at USA they are cheap cheap brand la, macam-macam! Eish. Make up sale make my hand ‘itchy’ to buy them! I’m so into make up since I was graduated from uni. Back then, I was so pale with talcum power only. Can you believe it? Me myself also found it’s hard to believe how I can ‘transform’ myself from make up-freak to make up-friendly or make up-lover. Huhu :p
Time passed so quick la, in a blink je dah end November. And still lots of things to do. For example, I haven’t got a chance being slimmer or thinner. (ni memang every year resolution tau.. hehe) Arghh. Fatin did recommend Herbalife. Hm.. will see la next year. My monthly commitment has increased due to I just sign up with Prudential. With this entire ‘thing’ happening in my company, it’s better for me to do something about my own insurance. I just can’t rely on RM50k hospitalization per annum for the whole family, am I? Sediakan payung sebelum hujan. If I was destined to have serious illness, I hope I’m able to cover it with my own money. Tak nak la dah sakit menyusahkan my dear hubby with other thing kan. So sesape yang tak amik lady insurance tu, tak reti-reti ker beli? At least, we have something to protect ourselves aite.
Ok, gotta go now. It’s time to do some job hunting. Ngeee..

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Quantum of Solace, Pedicure, and …

I just watched Quantum of Solace last Friday with my hubby at 11.30pm. As usual la, Cineleisure is our favourite cinema. Err.. Due to long advertisements, I’m kinda fall asleep for the 1st 20 minutes. Hahaha. Terjaga becoz there was shooting scene, I think? Terus terbangun. Sabo je la. Well, for the rating, I give 3.5 stars only, out of 5. I think previous James Bond is much better. Hebat betul watak James Bond sorang nie, bole bawak pesawat, leh jadi mat rempit, car racer, and bawak boat as well. Also not forget to mention, hebat in bed. Kononnye. :p Tak sah kalo takde scene camtu. Huu.. but our FINAS people did their job la kan.. One thing I like about Daniel Craig, die ni penuh dengan kejantanan. So manly, macho gitu.. Though he’s not that handsome or beghope org Peghak kate. Huhu.
On Sunday pulak, went again to Cineleisure. Hehehe. Addicted ke? No lah. I just get my manicure done. Hihi. Well, at The Nail Shop tu, ade sorang uncle, yes… memang uncle coz he got standard 5 or 6 daughter waiting for him, doing his pedicure! What a surprise. Hehe. Even pakcik pun get his nails done eh. My hubby just laugh off and gelengkan kepale. I saw a lots of handbag at Concourse area, Metrojaya I think, but dun have the guts to go. Nanti terjebak, susah mak! Hehe. But I plan to get one handbag soon; hopefully I can find white or cream colour la. Bored with my black handbag already. This weekend im going off to Johore Bharu, bawak sister in law and mother in law back to Gemas. Well, school holiday dah start, best nye jalan dah kurang jem!
Till then.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Life is good when...

Ahh. Hectic days lately.. But anyhow I manage to pamper myself at French spa at Wisma HLA. It's Estebel Spa. One of my friend is an active member of DCHL, so she persuade me to buy body massage treatment at only RM138 (which is original price RM388). Wallawei.. This is my 2nd time here. First time, facial treatment. Nangis-nangis kene korek jerawat.. Huuu.. Well, the massage was amazing, but.. I got my sakit belakang on Monday. Not too sure why.. Maybe bcoz another thing kot.

This week's Tuesday I didnt go to Swenson, but my colleaques and I went to Cheng Ho, Wangsa Maju - amazing food there! I highly recommend. One of my fren did asked 'AmySearch ade?'. Ampeh minah ie.. Muahahaha. I like it so much the non spicy thing (which I barely can't stand spicy food), and of coz.. It's a bit expensive la. 5 of us, we order meal for 3-4 person and add Siakap masak steam with Cheng Ho sause.. Tak hanyir. Sedap gilos! No drinks ordered, coz they provided Chinese tea (wic I also dun really like, so I end up drank warm water) total RM104. Cares to comment?

"You have a great body!" Well, I personally think life is good-er (is there such word? hahaha) when you're in the pinkest of health, great body, ideal BMI. Well, I have to do something about this. Definitely! Now I'm in the middle of considering which insurance I'm going to buy. Being a woman is not an easy job, I tell you. Our insurance is slightly more expensive than man. Sediakan payung sebelum hujan..

Got to go. Being in Dunkin' Donut makes me hungry.. Aumm!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008


Well, do you know that every Tuesday is Earthquake Day? Heee.. I mean at Swenson lah. I love ice cream. But not that type who can spend a lot only on ice cream. Since today is Tuesday, I hope I can go there and get my 8 scoops of different flavors! Better hurry now before it’s too late.

Oh, since now already November, what shall I give to my beloved hubby for his birthday present this 15th eh? Aiseh. Totally I have no idea. Takkan nak bagi perfume lagi kot? Blur.