Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Sale, sale and sale!

Gosh. I wish I know how to put this into writing. Malaysia Year end Sale will start this weekend. I wish I had ton of money so that I can spend ‘em all. Hahaha. What a shopaholic eh. But I need to save now due to our - my girlfriends (Esah, Jie, Mak Kecik) and my hubby - will go to Bandung next year. I will do serious shopping there, so I got to stop myself from spending at Malaysia la I guess? Hehe. Pity! But tell you.. I can’t stop admiring Estee Lauder Christmas sale. Though I heard some bad review about Estee Lauder: eye shadow pale la, at USA they are cheap cheap brand la, macam-macam! Eish. Make up sale make my hand ‘itchy’ to buy them! I’m so into make up since I was graduated from uni. Back then, I was so pale with talcum power only. Can you believe it? Me myself also found it’s hard to believe how I can ‘transform’ myself from make up-freak to make up-friendly or make up-lover. Huhu :p
Time passed so quick la, in a blink je dah end November. And still lots of things to do. For example, I haven’t got a chance being slimmer or thinner. (ni memang every year resolution tau.. hehe) Arghh. Fatin did recommend Herbalife. Hm.. will see la next year. My monthly commitment has increased due to I just sign up with Prudential. With this entire ‘thing’ happening in my company, it’s better for me to do something about my own insurance. I just can’t rely on RM50k hospitalization per annum for the whole family, am I? Sediakan payung sebelum hujan. If I was destined to have serious illness, I hope I’m able to cover it with my own money. Tak nak la dah sakit menyusahkan my dear hubby with other thing kan. So sesape yang tak amik lady insurance tu, tak reti-reti ker beli? At least, we have something to protect ourselves aite.
Ok, gotta go now. It’s time to do some job hunting. Ngeee..

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mommy said...

haa...aku pun amat tertarik menarik dgn estee lauder promo itewww..jom gi isetan!! hahhaha!