Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year

Assalamualaikum.. 1430H just passed us by, dah 1430 tahun since Nabi Muhammad S.A.W kite migrate from Kota Mekah to Madinah.. And us? Ade Hijrah tak? Huu.. Insap insap.. Mudah2an lepas ni kite sume beroleh kekuatan nak berhijrah dari negatif to positif.. Insya Allah..

PMR result dah keluar nie.. How's my sis in law is doing eh. Anyhow, her result won't be displayed here. Hehe. Hopefully she will pass lah.

Just came back from my hometown, missed it so much. Last time we went back mase Raye Puase. Aiyoh. Lucky my mother takde sumpah anak derhaka, kalo tak, sure dah jadi refrigerator. Hohoho. 3 days straight went to kenduri, gosh! Abis my diet. Hehehe. Jiran sebelah pun wat kenduri gak, the first wedding there. Anak ke tiga. Aiseh. Aku ni pantang sket kalo sume wat last minute, jadi nak marah ajer. Terpakse la hubby An tenangkan aku, 'tu kenduri orang.. biarkan..'. Hehehe.. Sungguh emo tul saye ni!

Adam Hakimi still at Hospital. Poor little boy my nephew tu.. Sad news is he's losing weight. Doc suh 'puasa' nak cuci perut. Tak kasik minum susu. Geramnye!!! Bile kale la gorgeous aunty ni bole gi tengok die eh.. Sedih.. sob sob.. Neway we all will go to JB this Saturday. I'll be seeing my sister, then uruskan hal persekolahan adik ipar. My father is flying off to Jogja (again) this Saturday. Eish abahku ni.. Rajin plak die gi tengok sedara mara kat Jogja tu. huhu. My mom ngamuk2 ade la. Bukan pasal kene tinggal, tapi pasal she claimed abah dah lupe itu ini hal sendiri kat kampung. Duh.. Bukan senang nak advise orang tua sendiri ni.. Hehe..

Ok la, it's near lunch hour time. Daaa..
Bobbi Brown Natural Finishing Sand 2 (foundation) ni ok la with my skin. Padan la ngan harge nye.. RM160.. Erkksss..
Now aiming for Shu Uemura Eye Shadow Chrismas Collection plak.. Ish ish ish.. (geleng kepale..) XOXO

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Xmas!

Yay!! Tomorrow is PH [public holiday]. What's your plan? If we wake up early, maybe will do some light exercise.. i.e. jogging.. or walking. Hahaha. Or play badminton. Huuhh.. Sehat sungguh xtvt nie. Biasenye, if bangun lambat.. Kitorang berenang jer.. Atas katil. Hihihi..
Neway, tomorrow we are going to check out new MJ outlets at Brem Mall. Hopefully bole la beli pape yang menarik. Hehehe..
2008 will leave us in just few days.. Hmm.. A lots of thing happen this year, and I pray 2009 will bring another good year to all of us. Even though with this 'economy' thing.
Hello 2009!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Life is a circle..

We went to Triang, Pahang on last Friday. My husband’s cousin getting married. Still young I guess, only 25 years old (for a man!) anyway tak per la.. Jodoh die sudah sampai.. Congratulation Shi! Lepas ni kene be fair la, coz both families tu besar.. Rasenye dalam 18 bijik kete ade kot pegi hantar rombongan pengantin nie. Lepas nie next month wedding belah Shi plak, kat Selayang.

For Nier and Nuar, be strong ok. Dugaan hidup tu. With this ‘economy’ situation, I think everyone pun affected. Yeah, that’s mean including me! TIME has been exercising VSS for their VPs, GMs.. Dunno when working level will be effected. Hm.. I hope there will always another job for meeeeee…

Yay!! I got another god daughter! Congratulation for Hajar & Zahar with their 1st baby girl. We are going to visit her, soon. Tak sesabo nak tengok Hajar junior. Hehe. Pasni turn Tun Anis Zaireen pulak. Aku doakan ko selamat bersalin la next month yer.. Mudah2an semuanye selamat.. Tak lupa jugak aku doakan untuk diri sendiri dapat anak sendiri.. Next year la kan, this year mane nak sempat dah.. Huuu.. Amin…

Hidup ni cam roda.. Sekejab kat atas, sekejab kat bawah.. So bile kite ade kat atas, kene la beringat.. Bile kite ade kat bawah, berusahalah untuk solve all the issues, and be patient..

Friday, December 5, 2008

Eidul Adha

To all my Muslim friends, I wish you all Selamat Menyambut Hari Raya Eidul Adha.. Moga2 kita semua beroleh keberkatan-Nya.. To me and myself, takleh makan banyak2.. Kene diet.. Muahahahaha. For those yang travel, drive safely.. Tau la minyak dah turun, jangan nak merempit pulak! Kitorang raye kat KL jer tahun nie, same as previous year. Hehe. Ingatkan nak pegi Eye On Malaysia dengan berbaju kurung raye, lakiku berbaju melayu.. Unfortunately Eye On Malaysia dah pindah gi Melaka plak. Coz nak sambut Datuk Shah Rukh Khan there. Sabo je la..
Okie, tu ajer.. Selamat Ari Raye sumee!!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Planned and un-plan

Since the day we can think, we plan everything we could think in our life. We plan how to do homework, to prepare for exam, plan when we want to start work, to have stable life, plan when we want to get married. Of course, we are just a ‘planner’; God knows when He wants to execute His plan on us. And why on earth I’m talking about plan-plan nie? I’m supposed to have nephew in next 2 months, but apparently he’d been born earlier than schedule, last week 27-11-2008. Oh gosh! That day, while I’m in my hectic traffic jam, I called my mom just to chit chat with her. All of sudden she start crying. She said my sis (younger sister – 24 years old) bleeding la, water broke la, and I’m so bloody panic! I just visited her last Saturday 22nd November, and she seems fine. With her 7 months of pregnancy, her stomach of course smaller than anyone else I’d ever seen. (my sis type yang petite, small frame, kecik.. so not like me!). I felt like flying to Pasir Gudang! My sister’s parents in law pegi Terengganu pulak. Kesian betol.. Alhamdulillah, she deliver 1.6kg baby boy within 20 min in labour room. My nephew kene letak dalam incubator until he reaches 2.something kg.. I pray both of them well.. So last Saturday I visit my sis at her in laws’. Ya Rabbi, macam tak percaye jer.. I didn’t have the chance to visit my anak buah at hospital, coz only parents are allowed. My brother in law managed to capture this picture for us..

Well, I pray and pray and pray everything will be okay. My mom with her endless panic rush to Johor by bus last Sunday. Yelah, first grandson.. Immature born pulak tu kan. Panik orang tua tu.. I got sms from my aunties ‘after Bitah, then it’s your turn-lah!’. Dushh!!

Earthquake look like this...

This is how Earthquake at Swenson look like.. It cost RM21.++ on Tuesday.. The rest of the day will cost RM42.++ if I'm not mistaken.. Huhuu..

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Sale, sale and sale!

Gosh. I wish I know how to put this into writing. Malaysia Year end Sale will start this weekend. I wish I had ton of money so that I can spend ‘em all. Hahaha. What a shopaholic eh. But I need to save now due to our - my girlfriends (Esah, Jie, Mak Kecik) and my hubby - will go to Bandung next year. I will do serious shopping there, so I got to stop myself from spending at Malaysia la I guess? Hehe. Pity! But tell you.. I can’t stop admiring Estee Lauder Christmas sale. Though I heard some bad review about Estee Lauder: eye shadow pale la, at USA they are cheap cheap brand la, macam-macam! Eish. Make up sale make my hand ‘itchy’ to buy them! I’m so into make up since I was graduated from uni. Back then, I was so pale with talcum power only. Can you believe it? Me myself also found it’s hard to believe how I can ‘transform’ myself from make up-freak to make up-friendly or make up-lover. Huhu :p
Time passed so quick la, in a blink je dah end November. And still lots of things to do. For example, I haven’t got a chance being slimmer or thinner. (ni memang every year resolution tau.. hehe) Arghh. Fatin did recommend Herbalife. Hm.. will see la next year. My monthly commitment has increased due to I just sign up with Prudential. With this entire ‘thing’ happening in my company, it’s better for me to do something about my own insurance. I just can’t rely on RM50k hospitalization per annum for the whole family, am I? Sediakan payung sebelum hujan. If I was destined to have serious illness, I hope I’m able to cover it with my own money. Tak nak la dah sakit menyusahkan my dear hubby with other thing kan. So sesape yang tak amik lady insurance tu, tak reti-reti ker beli? At least, we have something to protect ourselves aite.
Ok, gotta go now. It’s time to do some job hunting. Ngeee..

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Quantum of Solace, Pedicure, and …

I just watched Quantum of Solace last Friday with my hubby at 11.30pm. As usual la, Cineleisure is our favourite cinema. Err.. Due to long advertisements, I’m kinda fall asleep for the 1st 20 minutes. Hahaha. Terjaga becoz there was shooting scene, I think? Terus terbangun. Sabo je la. Well, for the rating, I give 3.5 stars only, out of 5. I think previous James Bond is much better. Hebat betul watak James Bond sorang nie, bole bawak pesawat, leh jadi mat rempit, car racer, and bawak boat as well. Also not forget to mention, hebat in bed. Kononnye. :p Tak sah kalo takde scene camtu. Huu.. but our FINAS people did their job la kan.. One thing I like about Daniel Craig, die ni penuh dengan kejantanan. So manly, macho gitu.. Though he’s not that handsome or beghope org Peghak kate. Huhu.
On Sunday pulak, went again to Cineleisure. Hehehe. Addicted ke? No lah. I just get my manicure done. Hihi. Well, at The Nail Shop tu, ade sorang uncle, yes… memang uncle coz he got standard 5 or 6 daughter waiting for him, doing his pedicure! What a surprise. Hehe. Even pakcik pun get his nails done eh. My hubby just laugh off and gelengkan kepale. I saw a lots of handbag at Concourse area, Metrojaya I think, but dun have the guts to go. Nanti terjebak, susah mak! Hehe. But I plan to get one handbag soon; hopefully I can find white or cream colour la. Bored with my black handbag already. This weekend im going off to Johore Bharu, bawak sister in law and mother in law back to Gemas. Well, school holiday dah start, best nye jalan dah kurang jem!
Till then.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Life is good when...

Ahh. Hectic days lately.. But anyhow I manage to pamper myself at French spa at Wisma HLA. It's Estebel Spa. One of my friend is an active member of DCHL, so she persuade me to buy body massage treatment at only RM138 (which is original price RM388). Wallawei.. This is my 2nd time here. First time, facial treatment. Nangis-nangis kene korek jerawat.. Huuu.. Well, the massage was amazing, but.. I got my sakit belakang on Monday. Not too sure why.. Maybe bcoz another thing kot.

This week's Tuesday I didnt go to Swenson, but my colleaques and I went to Cheng Ho, Wangsa Maju - amazing food there! I highly recommend. One of my fren did asked 'AmySearch ade?'. Ampeh minah ie.. Muahahaha. I like it so much the non spicy thing (which I barely can't stand spicy food), and of coz.. It's a bit expensive la. 5 of us, we order meal for 3-4 person and add Siakap masak steam with Cheng Ho sause.. Tak hanyir. Sedap gilos! No drinks ordered, coz they provided Chinese tea (wic I also dun really like, so I end up drank warm water) total RM104. Cares to comment?

"You have a great body!" Well, I personally think life is good-er (is there such word? hahaha) when you're in the pinkest of health, great body, ideal BMI. Well, I have to do something about this. Definitely! Now I'm in the middle of considering which insurance I'm going to buy. Being a woman is not an easy job, I tell you. Our insurance is slightly more expensive than man. Sediakan payung sebelum hujan..

Got to go. Being in Dunkin' Donut makes me hungry.. Aumm!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008


Well, do you know that every Tuesday is Earthquake Day? Heee.. I mean at Swenson lah. I love ice cream. But not that type who can spend a lot only on ice cream. Since today is Tuesday, I hope I can go there and get my 8 scoops of different flavors! Better hurry now before it’s too late.

Oh, since now already November, what shall I give to my beloved hubby for his birthday present this 15th eh? Aiseh. Totally I have no idea. Takkan nak bagi perfume lagi kot? Blur.

Friday, October 31, 2008

Which T is next?

I’ve been working for 3 different companies throughout my career. And coincidentally all begin with T letter. The first T, Tamura Electronics (M) Sdn Bhd, located at Sungei Way Free Trade Zone, Petaling Jaya. My first job was Sales Coordinator. Japanese environment, Japanese culture, I love it! Even though I can’t runaway from office politic, everything seems controllable and manageable. Maybe because big boss is Japanese kot.. hehe. "Kalo lawan, potong kapara!" I managed only 26 months (equivalent to 2 years, 2 months) there. Huu.. Sempat la dating with 1 Japs from Tamura Japan, HQ. Wahahaha. Those days…
2nd T goes to.... TMNet.. Call centre.. uhhh cannot tahan!! I can’t go anywhere, my arse being glued! Shift some more.. Benci.. So.. only 1 month. Wahahaha. Worst..
My current employer is TIME.. So far, I’ve been attached here nearly 27 months. Congratulation to myself eh. Well, here.. hmm.. so many thing to complaint and comment, but I shall wait till I leave this company la, I guess.
So.. which T is my next employer? TA Securities? Titan Four? Tradewinds? Talam? Tan Chong Motors? Tenaga Nasional Berhad?

Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Who is TK? Takeshi Kaneshiro.. hehehe.. (mampus kalo An tau.. )

Credit to

Curik idea dari Fatin. :p

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Diwali Holiday

Yeah, PH (Public Holiday) is around the corner again.. Yayy!! Huu.. Syiok tol! The only thing is, I will have my mother in laws in town. Still yay, but in slower tone. Hehe. Anyway not too say much about my MIL, she's the best MIL! We move around, from Sg Ramal to Seri Kembangan, then to Subang Jaya, Kelana Jaya, Shah Alam. Pegi umah sedare mara.. [selamat tak yah masak!] har har har.. She must be thinking "ape la menantu die ni tak masak².." wakakaka.. Too bad la. I havent got the "revelation" to start cooking.. [yah yah yah.. I know it's going to be my 15 months of marriage.. gimme some moreee time! :p ]
Neway, that's how I lose 3 private days with hubby.. Hmm.. Nak pegi cuti² lah. Tukar angin, as my cousin said. That's for now. Later!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Bila jalan jammed..

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Cycle & Carriage. Hehe

Our life is full of cycle.. Start from being a baby, we grow up become toddler.. Then teenager, adult, old.. Well, it also can begin when you are single, and then double, then get married. Of course then people expect you to get pregnant, have baby.. (or babies?). So, where am I now? Im at stage happily married, and yet have baby. After 14 months being wifey,the pressure is almost unbearable to answer 'no.. belum pregnant lagi'. Some people is easily understand the situation and shut their mouth. While others will keep on digging 'ade penyakit ker?' or worst 'sape yg mandul nie?'. Memang rase nak terajang jer. Ya Allah, Kau kuatkan iman hambaMu ini.. I need the du'a, suggestions.. not critics, nor condemn. Gosh! It's not I or we dont want any kids, mane ader. One of the reason we get married is to get zuriat, our own offspring. Well enough said, please dun ask killer question anymore. Insya Allah, ade rezeki Allah bagi nanti.. Amin.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008


...Temanku, kekasihku, syurgaku..
Last night finally I got a chance to watch Sepi, DVD. Huu.. Yeah, I know I'm a bit too far left behind, but dun care! So.. I think I almost cry la jugak.. Sedih.. I hope I'll never felt the same as Vanidah Imran's character [mane bole suke suke nak kat orang lain walhal you are about to marry your fiance!] I mean everything pun can be unsecure aite.. Hati.. Senang jer berubah.. Gosh. Gotta go.. Jammed already. Pen off for now..

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Eidul Fitri 1429H

Hola. This is the first time I celebrate raya with my in-laws. Well, sedih pun ade jugak.. Coz dah biase raye ngan own family kan. Lagi pulak cam ngeri jer dengar kene prepare itu ini coz family besar sume nak bertandang on 2nd day raya. Asek asek dengar lagu Siti Nurhaliza.. Sayu! Well enough being emo. Hehe.

So cut story short, we going back to Gemas Baru on Monday. Then help my MIL potong itu ini. Hmm basically im just a helper, not main chef.. On last day fasting, masak sakan. Rase takde keluar dapur pun that day... Hooo!! Rendang daging, ayam masak merah, nasi impit, uish.. memacam! Then first day raya tu, i wear my kebaya pink blue. Abang la nak sangat kaler biru tu. Kalo ikut aku, every year is green. Ngee..After amik gambar, we all gerak to Segamat. Beraye belah ayah, my FIL. While they recite Yasin at kubur, im waiting in the car. Here is the result.. Ngeee!

On 2nday pulak.. org lain 2nd day pepagi pakai baju cantik, gua pakai tshirt and seluar track, masak lagi!! Giler la.. My FIL, MIL, SIL, my hubby and I emank bole jadi caterer! So exhausted lar.. This time raye I havent got a chance to bergambar sakan, not like previous year.. Mane tak nye, sebok jer. Sob sob.. Sedih. Takde gambar I pakai another kebaye yang gorgeous tu.. Waaa.. 3rd raya, after send my MIL to Muar, we drive another 6 hours to my hometown. Abangku seronok tido siap berdengkur lagi. Chait! Dah la bini die ni silau kalo drive memalam, sabo je la.. Neway, that's my experience raya.. Penat.. A week start keje, i pegi massage. Baru la rase elok sket badan nie.. Huu.. Our pic, ni je la yg sempat amik.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Long hiatus!

Argh.. Dem it.. It's been a whileeee i haven't write anything here. Well, time passed so quickly la. Now already towards end of year. Many things happened, happy, sad, sorrow, joy, pelik², hehe.. I shall write again, i promise.. :)

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Welcome 2008

To all my beloved frenz and family, Happy New Year!

2008 = 28 years old.. duuuhhh!! Hehe..

Anyway, how's ur celebration? We just lepaking at home, watching TV [all those concerts] and z z z z.. Too lazy to go out and celebrate. Hmm.. Then early in the morning, pegi jogging, main badminton [huh.. care hidup yg sungguh sehat! wahahahaha], breakfast at mamak [adding some calories, after losing it, hehe], then watch DVDs.. Underworld 1 + 2.. Hepi Nu Year! :p
Dinner at 7pm.. Huuu

Pehtu, last nite Arsenal menang lagi.. Syioknyaaaa!!

2007 just passed me by like a blink jer.. Early year, 01.01.07 jumpe bakal mak Mertua.. March 07, majlis merisik, Aug 07 wedding.. What a busy year! Abis kat kawen jer.. Hehe. Rase tak sempat nak enjoysss pun.. Skrg ni kire enjoy ngan hubby je la.. Hoo.. Look forward to my honeymoon, long awaited ni tau abg oi!! :p