Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Cycle & Carriage. Hehe

Our life is full of cycle.. Start from being a baby, we grow up become toddler.. Then teenager, adult, old.. Well, it also can begin when you are single, and then double, then get married. Of course then people expect you to get pregnant, have baby.. (or babies?). So, where am I now? Im at stage happily married, and yet have baby. After 14 months being wifey,the pressure is almost unbearable to answer 'no.. belum pregnant lagi'. Some people is easily understand the situation and shut their mouth. While others will keep on digging 'ade penyakit ker?' or worst 'sape yg mandul nie?'. Memang rase nak terajang jer. Ya Allah, Kau kuatkan iman hambaMu ini.. I need the du'a, suggestions.. not critics, nor condemn. Gosh! It's not I or we dont want any kids, mane ader. One of the reason we get married is to get zuriat, our own offspring. Well enough said, please dun ask killer question anymore. Insya Allah, ade rezeki Allah bagi nanti.. Amin.

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