Sunday, March 29, 2009

10 Things I Hate about Robert Pattinson

I'm re-posting this entry due to.. See new reason..

Apparently, it was a surprise to me too that I haven't 'get rid' this British actor until now. Wonder why la. Coz I just watched him in Twilight, Harry Potter only. Well, it might have something to do with the fact that I totally have crush on vampire, I guess. Hehehe

Please do not mad at me. It comes from my observation thru his role in the movies, gossip, what I surf on the Internet, etc. Even any die-hard-fan must not neglect the weaknesses from their idol ya..

10) Bongkok. Or in English; slouching. He has hunched shoulders. That’s the first obvious thing I notice about him in Twilight.*apart from he’s charmingly handsome!* Rob, please take note!

9) In Twilight, he speaks like he just learns English. In defense, I think he just learn how to speak ‘American English’. But from the interviews done, I think he already improved a lot! Congrats..

8) Messy hairstyle.. No one can argue with me about this.. Until I saw his interview with Elle Japan. You go boy! Extremely good looking with new haircut!

7) Emotion-less in Twilight. I guess it has something to do with him being a vampire.. and probably he talk-less with girl for more than 100 years? Hehe

6) It was reported that Rob proposed to Kristen Stewart, jokingly. Of course, it kinda weird behavior.. Except proposing for me? Hahahaha

5) He’s only 23.. sob sob sob..

4) He didn’t have his own Facebook. Dang!!

3) I don’t like him with all beardy all over his face. Aiseh. Too lazy to shave?

2) Hm, in Twilight he unbutton his shirt.. Show off his ‘sparkling skin’.. No six pack. I’m so frustrated! :p

1) He didn’t know I’m exist.. waaaaaa

0) Eh? How come there is 0 here? I must be insane.. Most of all, I wrote this because I’m trying to convince myself that I was actually like his role as Edward Cullen.. but apparently I fall for real man, Robert Pattinson. Erks!

New thing: x) My hubby goes all the way to search what is the 'thing' about Rob.. So I can truly hate him, kot?
Please see this website
Gosh: Isn't my hubby so lovely? And definitely he's obsesses with me?
Thanks abang! I still like Rob, BTW. :p

Where on earth I get all this ideas from? Huuu.. If you're supposed to watch bowling tournament. While I busied myself write down on my notebook, suddenly there is one man asking me what I'm doing.

"I'm reporter. I report for this bowling tournament".

Busy body betul. Padan muke..


moze said...

owh..thats y ler tanye ape bongkok in

MeLL said...

like it! ;)

mimielola said...

Hello there. I know, I know. My comments link sucked. Sorry for that. So, are you reading the next book?

moze said...

1 more thing u should hate Rob for:

Anonymous said...

I would like to add on to point #9. He speaks like that becoz he's in pain. He's been tortured his whole life before Bella. With Bella in the picture, he needs to control himself. He wouldnt wanna hurt her. How do you like BD?

Cutestamoi said...

Hi dear; Thanks for commenting. Yeah, I'm totally agree with u. Edward has been lonely for a longgg time, and when he meets someone so special yet tempted to control from drinking her blood; such a complicated thing!
Breaking Dawn: my comment; I like the ending! Of course, very suspend! hehe

Anonymous said...

I love, love, love BD! I think its the best among the 4. For someone who doesnt fancy Bella from previous books, i found her supercool in this final chapter! Bravo Staphenie for ur great imagination! And it is such a joy to read the interaction of the Denali sisters with the Cullens!

Farah said...

I'm confused if you actually hate him or you just are annoyed that he doesn't even know just seems a little intense.