Monday, March 30, 2009

Depression begin, and the spoiler comes!

This is the spoiler of New Moon: Twilight series, book no 2.

Please do not read if you think you can't handle..

I cannot believe this.. But I guess because I just read too much / concentrate the books until my weekend is gone.. *2 books for 2 days man!* I'm quite depress lah. Mainly not because my work sucks *getting worst day by day* but because New Moon seems too 'dark' for me!!

The unbearable suffer starts..
1) Edward: How come you leave someone you actually love and care because you try to keep them safe?
I dun think it's even logic. U need to stay and watch over, supposedly..

2) Bella: Why on earth you tried to hurt yourself when your love is gone? Or just bcoz u want to hear his voice, again?
Our self is more important..

3) Edward: You heard that your love one is gone *grapevine* and you actually believe it immediately without asking the truth from the right person, then you decide you want to end your own life?
Gosh!! So sadistic..

4) Jacob: Being with the person he actually have crush on / love, and yet still can tolerate her un-well being..
My comment: Are you blind? Move on!!

5)The Cullen family: I cannot understand how come they just immediately leave? Isn’t Carlisle Cullen is matured enough to deal with this kind of problem? Come on man, you’re 300 over years OLD!

6) Bella parents: Especially Charlie the father, how you take care of your only daughter? Pathetic man..

7) Bella: you actually can forgive someone hurt you that much?
I think I can too.. but I must get avenge him first!
Merajuk ke sepak ke terajang.. hehe.. I know I’m cruel. But I've been in pain suffer for 8 bloody months Edward! Of course, love is blind and can make you blind too..

I can go on and on and on, but honestly I think it will make me sadder, and carried away. huu
Well, I hope I can drag myself to the movie this Nov, hopefully.
Like Robert Pattinson said, this New Moon is dark and strange story.. *sigh*

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