Monday, April 6, 2009

Do I dazzle you?

Those who read Twilight series will surely know what I’m babbling about nieh.. funny eh how you actually can dazzle people. Through your crooked smile, *hint: something about Edward Cullen* your smell, the way you behave, etc etc.

And oh my my my…..

How I dazzle my potential boyfriend-now my hubby- then?

Erks. Have to ask him. :p

Look at me.. So yummy slim then! Tun, of course la. No different. huu.

Muke penat lompat2 nie..

I remember that day.. 28.05.2005.. It was Dewa concert at KL Tower. I’m going with my BFF, Tun Anis Zaireen, and I was wearing my favorite red hat. Hehe.. I just simply ignoring him, not that I didn’t notice him or what, but it’s just my habit. I kinda ignore people I didn’t know; that’s why my first impression on people always ‘minah sombong’ or kinda like that. I was someone else’ girlfriend back then. Huuu..

I think I dazzled him by ignoring him; just making he wants to know me better. Or perhaps his self esteem was burned by me ignoring him? Yeah, he always think he is handsome, good looking man, so being ignored by certain girl make him irritated kot? Well, of course he’s my handsome, lovely hubby now! Har har har.. Anyone dares to argue with me about this, siap!!

Carik la mane mamat yang try ngorat saye for 1 and half year.. muehehehe..

So.. My next point is..

How to dazzle my mom, my sister, my brothers (2 out of 3) and my brother in law? What the heck I’m talking bout nie? Basically they all will be coming to my house this weekend. Owh, almost forgotten my big bro will bring along his girlfriend to meet my mom, officially. So.. there is 6 of them. I barely feed my hubby, now have to feed total 8 of us! Wargh!

Ok now. Not panicking. I’m not panic......

Hell yeah!! I AM panic!

My BFF, Fatin, Esah, Munira, Tun, Hajar, Jie: know me very well of my.. certain.... skill of NOT cooking. Hehehe.
Jie: thanks for the cooking book you gave for my wedding gift.. I haven’t started it, yet! *tho almost 2 years kawen*.

If you read my hubby blog, he did mention he’s the one that cook *and no point of me being ashamed or whatsoever, because I’m just simply dun cook. I didn’t know how to cook, or rather be interested in cooking. Period*

When my MIL *mother in law* in town, she cooked for us. Best kan? Hehehe. But not my mom.. *sigh*

What on earth I will cook then??

My hubby will be my savior. He will cook, I will help him. So nice kan?
I just make my muka kesian.. and he agreed. I lapppp uuuuu bery much!

*that's how I dazzle him nowadays kot..* muahahahaha

Thee heee heee..


MommyDania said...

ko masak kt dapur kedai jek! heheehe

Cutestamoi said...

Mak aku dah specifically request: "no more kedai2" nie! sob sob

moze said...

I tot dat the phrase yg syg pakai were "nnti abg tlg syg masak, eh?" and not "nnti abg tlg masak, eh?". Ngelat nih!

Cutestamoi said...

Weiiii abang. Mane ade orang cakap camtu aaa.. Abang arr tukang ngelat nieh! :p