Wednesday, April 29, 2009

On.. hiatus

Well, some people maybe already knew the news, some people might not.. I’m not going to announce here.

Currently I'm not really in the mood of blogging. My new hobby is.. lie down, relax, tido.. baring, tido.. do nothing, watch TV.. huu..

This is all because of hormones. Or at least, that’s what my boss keeps on saying.

Hoh. Darn.

When women start to have extra hormones, people said everything women do ~ it’s all because of that hormones. Hangin betol haku.

No laa. It’s not because of my hormones. Nothing to do with that!!

When I asked my boss some questions, you know what his respond is?

“That’s the weirdest question I’ve ever heard…”

Pastu dia sambung lagi
‘I think this is all because of hormones”.

Arghh!! Menyampah..

Tido lagi best!

1 comment:

Umi Nawfal said...

aha.. aku tau.. betui ka.. congrats eh.. alhamdulillah.. stay healthy!!