Monday, June 15, 2009

Stretch mark

It’s common for those who are pregnant, gain weight, etc to have stretch mark, aite? Well, I haven’t got mine yet since preggie nie. But then few friends already recommended some lotions to be applied to reduce appearance of stretch mark nie.

I went to Watson, Ampang Park to buy Palmer’s Cocoa Butter for Stretch Mark. Sambil pusing-pusing dalam Watson tu carik bende lain, there is SA (Sales Assistant) notice I hold this lotion and told me:

“Dik, Palmer’s punye lotion ni tak bagus la. Cube adik pakai Pureen nie. Die ade bla bla bla la.”

She still continue.. “Cocoa Butter nie tak bagus, because dia takde macam yang Pureen ader….”

Bengkek tol aku. Sukati la aku nak pakai ape. Perut aku, not yours! Sometimes I cannot stand SA yang kerek dan perasan bagus camnie.
Sebagai budak sales, aku pun tau la camne nak promote our products / services, tapi jangan la sampai bad mouth your competitor.


MommyDania said...

sapu baby oil pun ok.

j or ji said...

aku setuju dengan SA tu. koko butter tak bagus!

Cutestamoi said...

Fatin: too late. Dah beli pon cocoa butter tu..
J: siot jer ko nie.. :p