Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Setiap ari Senin..

Saye mesti buat nie..

Surfing this website

Checking the stages, what the baby's development, and all that.

So this week is the 16th week.. so..

"Your baby is now around 15cm long and has tiny little fingernails and toenails at the end of their growing hands and feet. Although it may be still too early to feel your baby inside you, they can now turn their head and exercise all 40 sets of muscles. Although their eyelids are still closed, they can sense light from outside their cosy little world."

Mak syahdu... eh.. terharu.. eh no.. ape eh the right word? Wordless. Hehe.


sabya said...

R u guys goin to check da sex? ke na main suprise2? *tumpang excited

Cutestamoi said...

Sabya: Op coz! tapi takkan bagitau orang lain kot.. hehehe. So nanti awak kene bagi adiah yang colour neutral2 gitu.. :p