Monday, June 22, 2009

Evening sickness

Owh. Apekah title aku yang merapu-rapu nie?

My *rare* morning sickness has been shifted to evening sickness. So far, today only lah. Alhamdulillah, as for now, in my 16th weeks, jarang-jarang nak mual.. But today exception case. Perhaps because of my divisional meeting just now kot. In a small room, a lot of people, a lot of smells, eeuwww.. so dapat la pening-pening.. mual-mual.. Sabo je la.

So I can't drive home yet. Maybe I can blogging and divert my nauseous. Huhu.

Well, last weekend we went to my grandma's.. Cannot call kampung anymore coz dah umah my nyaie *hope you all know how to pronounce it correctly* dah upgrade. Lebih maju dari umah my parents *of coz la, coz my parents dok kat tanah rancangan, or tanah felda, even though it is now call kampung, not Felda or RTBK anymore*. My grandma wants to upgrade her house due to my cousin will hold her reception there *she got 3 receptions tell you*. Hehe. Since my cousin's father *my uncle* is the only son alive, so his daughter has to hold the kenduri at our kampung lah.

So along,.. Pasni ko mesti balik kampung selalu. Coz nyaie buat umah tu *among others reason* coz nak wat reception ko tau. Hehe.

Ni gambar lame.. Mase ni tahun 2007, where An & I were celebrated our first raya together. Ni gambar umah lame..

This is the latest pic.

Mintak-mintak la sempat siap umah nie before Along's wedding 05072009.

P/s: huu.. this post was supposed to post on 22nd June, tapi delay pulak.. Hehe

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