Thursday, May 28, 2009

Busy weekenders waiting!

For the next 2 months all my weekends will be robbed. Hectic weekends awaiting!
My goodness..

Please see my schedules:

6th June: My neighbour menikah at Rawang. My parents coming to town.
7th June: Kenduri at Rawang. Kenduri Azawan kat Muar. *kad kawen tak dapat, so tak pegi. huu*
13th June: Kacah wedding at Muar.
14th June: My hubby's cousin's wedding at Segamat.
20th June: Still available. But planning to balik kampung, Parit Raja.
21st June:
26th June: My brother engage and menikah
27th June: Kenduri belah my (future) sister in law at Raub.
28th June: Kenduri Idzham *ex officemate* at Pulapol, Jalan Semarak

4th July: My cousin, Along, menikah at Parit Raja, Batu Pahat
5th July: Kenduri kat Parit Raja
11th July: Kenduri belah Fairuz *Along's spouse* at Slim River
12th July: Still available
18th July: Manchester United.. *nothing to do with me.. hehe. But have something to do with An*
25th July: My brother's reception at Selama, Perak
26th July: I pengsan...

Haa.. Amik!!


MommyDania said...

ah ko...tak sudah2 ngan kenduri. hahaha

Cutestamoi said...

Dah tu.. musim orang mengawan skrg nie.. ape kan daya ku.. huuu