Wednesday, May 13, 2009

6ixth Sense

All post-pregnant mommies should share this with me. Hehe.

I have extra sense nowadays. But not turning into vampire who can read mind, or predict future like The Cullens can do in Twilight. Hehe.

Every morning I will feel sick. Why?

The smell of Stila foundation. Yuckss!! I just bought it sometime last week. So now have to sniff every foundation in the market before I can buy a new one. Dang!!

Received newsletter from Isetan yesterday. They will have 11 Isetan KLCC Anniversary starting from 15th May to 14th June. Harus la pegi mencium foundation!! Jom jom!


MommyDania said...

oit...tukar le color font mu ni..berpinar mata den baca. haa..jom redah isetan jumaat nih!!

Cutestamoi said...

Ok.. Sudah selamat tukar! Ade sakit mate lagi? :p
Customer aku ni ampeh, nak wat meeting lak kul 10 tu kat Subang. Eiii!!