Thursday, August 20, 2009

I've made up my mind...

.............. and I've come to conclusion that I wanted to apply for.........

VSS!!! Voluntary Separation Scheme.

Despite this economy condition, yedda yedda bla bla bla.. I'm pregnant bla bla bla.. Raye dah dekat.. etc..

It's time.. It's TIME for me to move on!!

So sesape yang kot tau ade keje mane kosong tu.. kot ade yang tak kesah hiring pregnant lady, please contact me! hehehe

Basically my experience in sales, sales, and yeah.. more sales! Kalo bole Shah Alam area la kot, sebab hubby nak sangat dok area belah-belah sinun.. Dekat sikit ngan tempat keje die.. Sian die dok travel jauh ari-ari kan..

Please pray for me.. Hopefully this is the best for me, now...

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