Saturday, January 17, 2009

Fakta Rawak Tentang Saye

This entry was among ‘forced thing to do” by my BFF, Fatin.. Hehehe.

Well, to start with, I'm 2nd child in my family, and I’m the first daughter. I have 3 brothers and only 1 sister. My sis is 4 years younger than me, so practically I have to do all chores work. Mencik! By 13, I’ve been accepted to a boarding school in Kamunting, Perak. So yay.. horray! Hahaha.. keji plak rase. (but my mom told me my sister is doing very well indeed). 5 of us went to boarding school, so if I have son / daughter later, I will send them to boarding school. (But my hubby disagrees! Phew. We haven’t have kids yet, but this topic has been argued!) hahaha..

I’ve been married for almost 1 & half year. And we are enjoying every second of it. Well, apart from answering question ‘bile nak ade anak nie?’, dari orang tua2, kitorang masih same cam time bercinta jugak. My hubby and I have a great communication thingy; I can tell or discuss with him anything. Best! He’s my best friend. Everyday we must tell each other ‘I love you’ otherwise it wouldn’t make our day.. hehe.

I’m such a sensitive person. Walaupun dari luarannye sangat la brutal, rock, ntah hape2, I’m still having a very soft part of me… Lagi satu, saye ni jenis yang berterus terang. Honesty is the policy beb! Sometimes I know I hurt people with my words, sorry for that. Kalo tak cakap, saye akan jadi rase tak best kat diri sendiri.. huuu..

Mase kat UIA dulu, saye giler berchatting.. kat MiRC.. Memule nickname MachoGall, (hahahaha.. kenang2 kembali, memang lawak name ni!), then tukar jadi Cutestamoi. (dun ask me name dapat this name, seriously dah lupe..). so tu la yang lekat sampai sekarang nie.. Time dulu, bole tahan la famous nye.. her her her..

Saye mempunyai kaki yang besar.. Bukan setakat besar sahaja, malah ianya juga lebar! Size 9 tu beb. Certain design only can fit. I always, I repeat, always envy people who has smaller shoe size. Because they can find perfect shoe anytime, anywhere! By the way, now the good thing is, Pedal Works is in town! (Available at Isetan KLCC, Isetan Lot 10, Subang Parade). Sampai saiz 12 tuu.. And 1 more thing about my foot is, my left foot slightly bigger than the right side. U all tau tak kaki korang belah mane yang besar sikit? Hahahahaha.


First Name:

Name you wish you had:
Tengkujuh? Hahahaha

What do people normally called you:
Erma, Rayma, Erm, sayang (hubby je panggil nie.. hehe)

Birthday: August, 23rd 1980..
(Soon I’ll be joining 30sen club…)

Hutan Melintang, bukan membujur yer.. Teluk Intan

Time of birth:
“Hello mak! Orang lahir kul bape eh?” (Err.. I think 8 pagi lebih kot.)

Single or taken:
Depend. Single during office hours, taken non working hours.
Look at your watch, now!
Hahahaha.. (jangan marah Pumpum!)

Zodiac Sign:
Virgo.. tapi jangan percaye la.. kurafat ni for Muslim..


How tall are you?
Tak tinggi mane la.. 166cm only…

Wish you were taller:
Yeah, so I can join America’s Next Top Model. Or become National Player for Netball.. kwang kwang kwang..

Eye colour: Black

Short or long hair: Long.

Ever dye your hair in a bizarre colour?
Jangan la harappp.. setakat kaler oren je dulu2!! Hehe

Last time you did something dramatic with your hair:
Potong pendek cam jantan, kire dramatic tak? Ngehh..

Glasses or contacts:
Both. Kalo rajin, contacts. If malas, specs.

Do you wear make up:
Of course.. mak sukaaaa mekap ni nyah!!

Paints your nails:
Camne nak solat? Pegi manicure rajin la.. buff je tau!

Shy or outgoing: Err..

Sexy or cute:
Smart. Muehehehe. Ni kes tak reti jawab soalan.

Serious or fun: Both pun ade.

A turn on: Manly perfume. Grrrr..

A turn off:
Asap rokok. Body odor. Bad breath. Eeiii


Flowers or chocolates: Chocs please..

Pepsi or Coke: 100plus..

Rap or rock: Rock. Rap tak paham la..

Relationship or one night stand:
Can I choose both? Astaga.. hehe

School or work: School.

Country or city: City.

Movie or music: Both!

Sunny or rainy days: Rainy..

Friends or family: Family first, then friends..


Ever lied: Err.. yep..

Stole something: Mesti la ade. Budak nakal nie..

Smoked: Never, ever!

Hurt someone close to you: Ader..

Broke someone’s heart: Ramai kot..

Wonder what has wrong with you: Most of the time!

Wish you were prince or princess: Yep, a prince..

Like someone who was taken: Emm.. regret it!

Shaved your head: Tunggu la pegi Mekah nanti kot?

Used chopstic: Yes, terkial-kial..

Sang in the mirror to yourself:
Muehehe.. segan nak jawab. Mesti la ader..


Flower: Hibiscus! Wakakakkaka
Candy: banyak la..
Song: The Last Song, X-Japan
Colour: Green green green..
Movie: LOTR, Matric, dan jugak ape2 yang ade Takeshi Kaneshiro.. hehe
Singer: Utada Hikaru
Junk foods: Nachos
Website: Che Det
Location: Jalan Ipoh
Animal: euww!

Ever cried over someone:
Latest, arwah Adam Hakimi..

Is there anything you would like to change about yourself:
Nak jadi kurus, pastu nak rajin kerja. Huuu

Do you think you’re attractive: Of course!

If you had to choose a fairytale as your life what would you choose:
Emm.. nada.

Do you play any sports:
Currently.. takde. Dulu main la netball, badminton. Suka suki je..

Dah abis ker? huh.. sikit je soalannye.. :p


aL-gOjO said...

machogall - heheheheh aku pun nak gelak bila teringat nick ni balik ahkas :p

mommy said...

hahahahah!!! tang sensitif tu aku percaya sgt!!! hahahahahahaha!!!

fazemy said...

Lahir kul bape tu bleh tgk kat surat banak. ada tulis..aiyak!

sabya said...

i reserved my comment. ngeee
kema kt br tau bout ur nephew. takziah