Monday, December 17, 2007


Hooo.. This new post surely will raise ur mood / make ur day worst.. Ekekeke.. Arsenal menang lagi!! Though it's 'kemenangan yang tipis'.. Who cares? Janji menang beb!! I heard in the radio, it's the first game Arsenal won over Chelsea for the past 3 years. Ish ish ish.. Finally..
Anyway i dun really watch the game coz i was asleep.. Even the only goal tu pun i missed coz my husband sebok nak tengok K.A.M.I at TV3.. Sabo je la.. *mentang² la Man U dah play earlier.. cisss!!* I watched 2nd half for 10 mins, then z z z z z z..
Then early in the morning after my husband wakes up, i asked. 'Arsenal menang kan?'.. He just nod, and i jump happily.. Yeyeh! *memang konpem peminat setia Arsenal.. wahahahahaha*

Some might ask me, why Arsenal? Apsal tak pilih Man U *same as my husband*? Or Liverpool? Well, the reason i choose Arsenal as below:

1) I want to be different from my husband.. He's Man U supporter from the day he was born.. :p
Tak syiok la kalo same je kan.. This time around, i'll be different! Though honestly i just recognized few faces Arsenal players tu.. Huwa huwa huwa.. I think i knew Man U players more than Arsenal kot.. ekekeke. Mane tak nye, asek² die cerita about Man U players kan.. hehe..
2) I happened to have Arsenal jersy.. *I think it belong to my sister*.. So that's why la i choose Arsenal. Yeah! I rawk!! huhuhu
First time i see his name, i straightaway told my husband.. 'He deserved to be Arsenal coach, coz his name resemble Arsenal..' ARSENe ARSENAL..
My hubby just laugh and said he never notice that.
Yeah, that's show how brilliant i am, rite? :p

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j or ji said...

Glory Glory Man United!!